Who Benefits Most from Psychics and Heart Telepaths? And How?


Asking someone to tell you the future is not as valuable as learning how to create your future. A good heart-telepath or psychic understands dynamics about who you are. If you invite the helper to discuss your life learning curves, your current learning curves, and your current growth opportunities you set yourself up for success. If you just want a simple answer on whether or not you will marry someone or be with them long term or when money will come your way, you are missing the greatest opportunity to create/invoke/allow/surrender into  your success.


From Dr. Laurie Moore I remembered that my life can be created in love and prosperity during any scenario. We worked on healing some places inside me that needed more love. I found spaciousness within. What I appreciate with this work is that Dr. Laurie works with me to help me find my greatest self, my own capacity to create what I desire in life. Rather than telling me how my future has to be, or telling me my destiny is set in stone, she aligns with me to navigate myself into my desired future. She helps me to remember that miracles are forever available and gives me tools to create what I seek. 
 — Rachel F. from California, U.S.A.


People who use heart-telepath or psychic readings to better understand their good motives, others good motives plus blind spots, position themselves for mastery in creating good life scenarios. People asking for dates and outcomes may be asking for dates and outcomes for a long long time without ever getting the ones they desire.


If you are willing to use a heart telepath of psychic to look at the underlying needs, desires and challenges motivating you, you will begin to create happier life scenarios with love and prosperity. The more you can take your attention off of others and back to yourself the more powerful you become. Then you create prosperity, love, and wellness as an ongoing  process of fulfillment rather than looking for it from the outside.


Let’s say you have have ongoing problems with people and the problems are always the same. If you are willing to get information from the heart-telepath about yourself, and use the info to make changes, you change your life. But if you keep focusing on what others do, you receive more of the same non-desired scenarios.


Laurie was letting me know what each of my animal family members was feeling and thinking during my private tutorials. Many species of animals and over thirty loved animals who live with my husband and son and I. She continued to prompt me and guide me till one day I began to hear for myself. Now I am able to talk to each of my animals.

— Kirstin L. from California, U.S.A.

People who succeed the most with  heart-telepaths and psychics are asking these questions. 

1.       What can I do to make my relationship the best it can be?

2.       What can I do to attract a relationship that is fulfilling for me?

3.       What can I do to create a happier experience of work for myself?

4.       What can I do to build more prosperity in my life?

5.       What can I do emotionally to contribute to what I am already doing physically with the help of my medical practitioners, to improve my health? (A psychic is never a replacement for medical practitioner but can provide accompanying tools and info to assist you.)

6.       What can I change regarding my relationship to myself, to attract more favorable outcomes in my life?

7.       What are my greatest gifts?

8.       What dynamics in myself and others are causing my current experience and how might this be shifted?

Dr. Laurie Moore has pin pointed underlying feelings, motives, and assumptions 
occuring in the lives of my loved ones and in myself. She does this in a way that helps me to clarify what I do desire, heal from anything I don't desire, and generate  anew. Her work is allowing and patient of exploration of the many tender under layers (needing love and healing) that can cause non-desired realities, She assists with creating new desired realities in love and prosperity can be patiently manifested. I have gone through a big healing years back with Dr. Laurie with a major early childhood trauma and found immense reservoirs of love filling me instead. Now she continues to assist me with navigations as I create my desired life and learn from what occurs.Honoring my soul and being as valuable and needed on earth is always the ground work for our talks.

Lesley L. from California, U.S.A.

Respect yourself. Use a heart-telepath or psychic to empower yourself to create a kinder, happier existence. A heart-telepath is not a fortune cookie. A heart-telepath is someone who will work with you to improve life in every way if you trust yourself to take the steering wheel on your own life and learn more about yourself. Partner with your heart-telepaths because they care about you and respect you. Don't ever give them more authority about your own life than you give yourself! Let them give you information about yourself so that you can create a better life each day from your own choices and self-honor.

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