It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Why Surrender Is Not Failure

Why Surrender Is Not Failure

I was thinking this morning about surrender as I perused Faceplant looking for cute baby animal videos ( one of my friends sent me one since Sebastian’s ashes came home yesterday and I wanted to escape by finding more).

Instead I landed on a page that had one but also an argument between two new agey- people having a conversation about ambition and the nature of surrender. One was pushing hard on the other to not give up and “cop out” suggesting (so so nicely) the failure of the other’s ambition to make things a certain way. She was a coach by the way.. “Push harder” she said!

The other was saying that she needed a dose of acceptance that the actions around said issue needed to change- what was being done was not working. Pushing harder didn’t mean her goal was reachable. She wanted to surrender it to her Higher Power. Then the whole thing unravelled into some balderdash about how to manifest “ the right way”.

Here is why this is important for you and me to think about this.

WE co-create reality between two truths. Like a waft and a weave in the fabric of reality we are given two threads to work with.
One – the weave- is that we co-create reality via our intentions and the frequency we transmit to the conscious universe and call the world into form in an intensely personal way, although the form is rarely the exact shape as we imagine.

Two – the waft- we must surrender to Life on Life’s terms. This means there are overriding principles that we may not personally understand, or we cannot understand, or we’re not meant to understand. The collective overrides the personal at times, and the Conscious Universe, Spirit, God whatever you call the GREAT MIND, decides without consulting us ( darn it!) to do whatever is in the best interests of Life.

That means sometimes Life will be unmade right in front of our powerless eyes at the same time as something awesome manifests too. We are here to be made and unmade to create on behalf of the Great Artist.

Yes effort is needed and ambition has its place but we get caught in the drive for a specific outcome or form and forget the ebb and the flow when we preach about flow. WE forget the dissolving of what no longer serves and the between space discomfort while we participate in the manifestation of the new.

I think at times we try to oversimplify the complexity of how Life works.
Surrender is an essential step to co-creating our world.

Think of it this way.
We are on a special magical mystery tour. We get to get off once in a while to make incredible Art, igniting our inner magic partnering with the BIG magic so we can leave even more magic and wonder behind that adds to the Giant art project that glows from the inside out.

Then you get thrown down a tunnel and you see the objects of your deepest love and affection taken away, and you stop trusting the ride. NO it hurts too much. It’s all a lie. Or my favorite BS – “I’m not doing this right- the Law of Attraction says blablablabla”.

You look around and see more of the world being Un-made than made.
You assume you are looking at tragedy.
What if that is both true and not true?
What if it truly is an inside job- how we respond is crucial.

What if you surrender to all of it – allow curiosity to lead. You stop trying to escape the sorrow or try to hold on to the joy. You allow your intention and ambition to move you but then know when to let Spirit take the lead when what you’re doing isnt working.

What if surrender means that you just trust the ride and your role as artist when you get to be, and stay present to the entire thing even when you think the dark hole you fall into sometimes is a place you believe you will be forgotten, and your dreams will die.

When fisherman can’t go to sea they stay and repair their nets. ( Norse Runic lore)

There is always something to experience, to learn , to do when we see surrender as radical acceptance. That is how we remember to ask for help. A positive mind set is amazing but it is not enough. Ambition is important but it must be attuned to the Greater Good by a rhythm. That includes present moment awareness and surrender to what is- yes to loss, confusion, sorrow, anger etc.

And then you get back on the ride and ask- dreams in the forefront of your mind, knowing your deepest desire to make Art of your life in the most beautiful peaceful and prosperous ways to share with the world.

What is the next right action for me today? ( imagining only cute baby animals and a promise of prosperity for all to temporarily soothe you)

Well.. for me it means spending time with my fur baby’s ashes. I’m ok with the agony. It means I have loved so deeply. Today my art is to allow my heart to be broken open wider than before. The color of life doesn’t only come from the stuff you make happen when you were in the obvious manifesting – co-creating part of the ride.

Sometimes the most beautiful Art, the brightest and deepest colors rise up from the black hole.

So .. remember nothing goes to waste. Surrender is not failure. It’s the willingness to dance all the steps, color outside the lines not just inside them and know that life is the most precious thing you will ever get to do.
Love all, Serve All.
Do all of it.

Love Colette!

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