The Law of Thinking: What Is It and How Does It Work?

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” – Plutarch

As you read this post, you have thoughts in your head. You can’t not think. It’s a constant state of being.

When you’re doing dishes, driving to the store, taking a shower, or head down working in absolute concentration, you are thinking. You are thinking at all moments of your life.

I often tell people to notice what they are noticing. It’s a Brave Thinking® tool used to manifest the life you would love. If you take charge over your thoughts, you will be able to make your reality equal to your dream.

Have you ever had someone ask you what you were thinking? And the surprise of the question threw you off guard?

Sometimes you didn’t know what you were thinking.

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6 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want in your Life

Of all the 12 Universal laws, the Law of Attraction gets the most attention. This spiritual principle suggests that like attracts like, and that we can raise our vibration and tap into the energy we desire to manifest by being a co-creator.

Below are the six steps to manifesting all you desire by using the Law of Attraction to achieve your goals.

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The demonstration of our good is evident through the laws of life which are always working.We have the ability to demonstrate and measure our good by being able to see and create what we desire. Many people do not believe they can have what they desire; therefore, they do not ask for what they truly want.They believe that to gain their desires they must rely upon themselves and their limited resources rather than asking God.We say in Unity,“we ask what and leave the how up to God.” How big is our demonstration? How big is our belief and how strong is our faith in God?

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Law of Attraction

Today, let’s talk about the Law of Attraction. It’s been sitting in my mind and in my heart because so many people struggle with the Law of Attraction. They want to manifest all these things in their life, and yet they have this fear that if I say something, if I think something for too long, then I’m going to create that thing in my life. For example, if I worry about or I say out loud something like “I’m feeling not well” or “I’m not feeling great” – then I don’t want to say it out loud. I don’t want to talk about it. And I don’t want to put energy towards it.

I get that idea of not wanting to put energy towards things. I totally get it. I don’t want you to put energy towards it either. But when you have a thought or a feeling or you are taking an action and you are in a place where you are not you and it is a low vibration, you are creating resistance towards the fear in the first place. So, you just make it bigger. So, when we think about Law of Attraction, we think about the things that we are bringing to our lives. We’re focusing on either they’re kind of rooted in love, or they’re rooted in fear, right? If they’re rooted in fear and you have a thought like, “oh, I’m never going to be able to do blah, blah, blah.” Right? “Never going to make it to whatever it is you think you need to make it to.” So, I’m never going to make it to blah, blah, blah … and you have that thought, but you say, “Oh my God, I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to tell people. I don’t want to feel it.” – most of the time it is I don’t want to feel it, right? So, then what we do is we just keep pushing it down. We just keep pushing it down. We just keep pushing it down. And when you push that down, it gets bigger. The resistance of it makes it bigger. It makes it stronger. So, you’ve got to remember that those negative thoughts, those fear-based thoughts … they’re just thoughts. But when you try to hide them, when you try to push them down, when you try to ignore them or deny them, they are going to get bigger just because of the energy resistance.

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Why Your Desire Is Already a Reality

The core basis of my belief and understanding about manifestation (whether you are manifesting love, a car, a new career, or a new little black dress) is this:

There is no “time.” The past, present, and future all happen simultaneously.

When we have a desire for something, it’s because some part of us “already knows that this is possible for us,” on an unseen level.

Your dream is not some random thing out there somewhere; it is already in existence, calling upon you to dream it into your existence.

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The REAL Secret To Manifesting What You Want

There are so many different teachings on how to manifest your goals.

Some work and some don’t.

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Mindful Lifestyle Changes to Attract Money and Get Rid of Debt

When we want to attract money into our lives and eliminate debt, it all begins with looking at how we can implement more mindful lifestyle changes. Everything is energy - this has been proven by quantum scientists and money is no different. Whilst strategy will get you so far, you have to dig deep into the subconscious to understand why you operate in the way you do around money. The attraction of money isn’t about just accumulating more of it. If you do that but neglect to address your beliefs and behaviors, the same financial patterns and the creation of debt will keep playing out no matter how much money you have coming in!
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Your Trauma is Affecting Your Manifestations

Trauma can be a tough topic to approach, but it’s one we must face when it comes to learning how to truly tap into the power of manifestation. If no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to break past patterns and create the change in your life that you desire, oftentimes there is trauma affecting manifestations.

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How to Manifest Faster, Easier, and More Effectively... By Staying True To Yourself

Several years ago, I participated in a spiritual retreat where we did a lot of work on overcoming limiting beliefs, clarifying what we want, and setting the foundations to manifest our desires. 

Every day was a combination of basking in unconditional love and engaging in peak experiences (like firewalking, walking on broken glass, etc) that are designed to overcome fear and limiting beliefs. It was a powerful retreat to say the least, and it taught me some valuable lessons.

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The 9 Laws of the WOONIVERSE (My Take On Universal Laws)!

You’ve heard about the laws of the Universe, but I bet you haven’t heard about the 9 Laws of the WOONIVERSE!

The 9 Laws of the WOONIVERSE are the basis of Season 1 of my podcast, INSIDE THE WOONIVERSE

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Discover How to Create Your Dream life as You Let your Complications Go

Now is the perfect time for each of us to shift our energy and attention into our dreams. 

Everything in both your world, and my world has been designed by our thoughts, actions and core beliefs. Based on that principle, liberation occurs, when we as individuals recognize our power and actively create our life experiences. Keep reading and discover how to generate your dreams as you let go of a complicated life.

Periodically I like to do an inventory on my life and gain clarity on everything I have manifested and created. Some things in my life are delicious; other things have reached their expiration date. Now is the perfect time for each of us to shift our energy and attention to our dreams.

What is the difference between manifesting and creating?

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How Powerful Are Your Thoughts?

Do you have any idea how powerful your thoughts are? You’re probably very familiar with the adages: “Your thoughts create your reality” or “You can attract anything you want in your life.” But do you really believe them?

You’re a magnetic energy being, right? So, every thought you have has its own unique energy signature. When you have a conscious thought, it’s immediately lodged in your magnetic field, known as your aura. And when that thought remains in this field for any length of time, more often than not it radiates out to be absorbed into the Universe.

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2022 is YOUR year to manifest

….. It’s a new year!!

In order to manifest powerfully this year, remember that:

You don’t get what you want, you get what you are.

You job isn’t to make or force something to happen. Your job is to clear away anything within yourself that is keeping you stuck.

When you clear away whatever is not in alignment with your truth, you bring yourself into the flow of life.

Often we hold onto things that are not working or old relationships because we get comfortable.

Holding onto what isn’t working is your affirmation in the lack of trust in the Universe. And you will attract more of what you don’t want.

Holding onto what is no longer working out of fear simply blocks the manifestation of what you do want.

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The Top Myths Mistakes and Misconceptions About The Law Of Attraction

The Universal Laws have been used by generations of people to create success and abundance in their lives. But over time, myths and misconceptions about the Law of Attraction have risen up and discouraged people from creating the same results.

In this post, I’ll clear up myths, mistakes, and misconceptions surrounding The Law of Attraction based on my 50 years of study in spiritual principles. You’ll discover the proven path to success and learn the truth behind the Law of Attraction!

So, if you’ve felt misguided, misdirected, or misinformed about the Law of Attraction, let’s cut to the truth and get started!

Top Myths about the Law of Attraction

According to the Law of Attraction, you attract specific results and experiences into your life through your thoughts and beliefs.

Positive Thinking = Positive Results / Negative Thinking = Negative Results

Although simply understood as “like attracts like”, there are a lot of myths about this Universal Law that minimize its power and raise questions like:

  1. Does the Law of Attraction work for everyone?
  2. Do lazy people use the Law of Attraction as an excuse not to work?
  3. Do I have to be perfect and positive all the time for the Law of Attraction to work?

Let’s learn more about each of these and how to respond when those thoughts surface.

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3 Ways to Shift Your Paradigm and Manifest Your Dreams

We all have “paradigms” that we’ve carried throughout our entire lives. These collections of thoughts and beliefs make up our understanding of “normal” and define our limitations.

They also draw the line in the sand between the life we know and the life we would love. Some paradigms whisper in our ear all the reasons why we can’t, won’t, and shouldn’t cross it. 

Most of the time, we listen. After all, they make sense in our current awareness, where circumstances, situations, and conditions demand all of our attention.

But if you would love to bring your desires to life, you won’t get there with the same thinking that got you to where you are today!

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Common Law Of Attraction Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The Law of Attraction works perfectly, but that doesn’t mean we operate it perfectly!

Just like the Wright brothers studied gravity and faced failure along the way to achieving flight, your frustrations with manifestation may simply be a disconnect with how the Law of Attraction really works. 

And if the Law of Attraction fails to produce the results you desire, I invite you to consider some of the most common Law of Attraction mistakes that result in self-sabotage and manifestation blocks.

Today’s post will help you overcome your frustration and disappointment and guide you through some of the most common Law of Attraction mistakes so you can begin living a life you love!

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Law of Attraction Exercises: How to Attract Your Dream Into Existence

The power of imagination is vastly underestimated in our culture. And yet, it’s what brings everything we see into existence! Every physical form – from chairs and buildings to systems and lighting – was first a thought. That thought, paired with inspired action, led to its physical manifestation. 

The same creative power rests in you: to bring your own dreams from the realm of imagination into your physical reality. But not everyone who is aware of that power is able to tap into it right away. To activate that potential, you need to be in harmony with the Law of Attraction, which works to help you bring your vision to life. 

Today we’re going to take hold of that creative power using a series of Law of Attraction exercises that amplify your connection to the infinite and attract your dream into your new, incredible reality. 

So let’s get right into dream-building!

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The Science Behind The Secret and The Law Of Attraction

In the same way the laws of gravity, electricity, or magnetism work regardless of our awareness, the Law of Attraction is always actively at work in our lives – at all times, for all people!

Just like magnetism can be harnessed to create superpowered “maglev” trains (in which magnets help achieve train speeds of up to 375 mph!), developing a spiritual and scientific understanding of the Law of Attraction can help create powerful results, and deeper harmony, in every area of your life. 

The purpose of today’s lesson is to explain how the scientific principles behind the Law of Attraction can help you create and live a life you love. We’ll also talk about how you can reach the next levels of awareness and wisdom you need to achieve the results you desire.

So to begin, let’s reveal what “the secret” is and how it connects to the law of attraction. 

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An Abundance Hack for Having More

I hate the word hack. Let’s call this an abundance top tip: Panache’s top tip for abundance. 

What we have to do is wake up from the illusion of scarcity. I don’t want you to live at any level of scarcity. 

I began to notice that there are certain individuals that have this habit of carrying money around with them everywhere that they go. I thought this was weird at first, why carry money around everywhere you go when in today’s world you just need a credit card or debit card? 

And then I got it. They are carrying cash around as a physical reminder of the abundance they have access to. You don’t have the same relationship with your credit or debit card. So, I would like you to try it for three months. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money. It just needs to be money so that whenever you question abundance, or you question your right to earn and your right to live, you can look at it and be reminded of money, of the abundance you have access to. That way anytime you feel there is a need for money or for remembering abundance you can look at it and with the energy use it like a financial comfort blanket. 

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Transforming the 3 Beliefs that Stop You From Manifesting

The best thing you can give the world is being the most magnificent version of yourself.

After working with hundreds of thousands of people from around the world over the last 18 years, I have found three core beliefs that tend to stop us from manifesting our goals, dreams, and desires. Listen to this episode as I share about each one and learn the affirmations and remedies to help you manifest your full potential. Remember, it's only when you become aware of something that you have access to shifting it, to transforming it, to releasing it, to letting it go. Let’s do this.

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