It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Staying Optimistic in spite of it all

Whew, what a week. There is so much going on in the world that it often feels hard to keep up and stay optimistic. But staying optimistic and positive is critical, so I'm not going to share what has upset me, but rather what has inspired me from this past week.

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Dog Spelled Backward

Admittedly, I am a cat person. Even though I grew up with a dog companion (Pepper), whom I loved dearly, cats have been closest to me as an adult: Edward for 8 years and Lily for 22. Of course, animals of all kinds touch my heart, and this has become increasingly true as my own awareness has expanded to be able to perceive the intelligence and sensitivity of all living beings on our planet. In my garden, I have sweet and often funny exchanges with birds, bees, butterflies, squirrels, rabbits, and chipmunks. A connection and communication beyond words frequently passes between us.

Since I am a gardener, I am outdoors a lot of the time in the spring, summer, and early fall. As I plant and take care of my flowers in the yard, I often see neighbors walking their dogs. All kinds of dogs: labs, Scotties, pit bulls, schnauzers, pugs, huskies, terriers. Some are intent on their “appointed rounds” through the neighborhood, sniffing every tree and bush and not that interested in the occasional human gardener. Others, however, are absolutely thrilled to encounter another human besides the one at the other end of their leash.

Two dogs in particular come to mind: a small white terrier named Honus and a large black lab named Maggie. One morning, as I was on my hands and knees pulling weeds in the front border, I heard a kind of whining panting sound immediately behind me. I turned, and there was Honus, straining to get to me, at the absolute end of his leash, as his person tried to keep him contained. He was still a bit of a puppy then, waggling all over, his eyes sparkling with excitement and the overriding desire to get close enough to greet me with licks and touches. Who could resist such intensely focused friendliness? I immediately fell in love with Honus. Every single time I’ve seen him after that initial encounter, he has behaved exactly the same: so excited to see me, this human crawling around on the ground at his level. He is always stretching to get to me before I hear him, turn around, and then reach out to pet and talk to him. It’s a huge gift that makes me happy all day.

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Being Present

So many people have the false notion that following your intuition means tuning out the real world. Nothing could be further from the truth. Strange as it may seem, in order to become aware of your sixth sense and higher awareness, you must first become aware of the world around you and what is here and now. My spiritual teacher Dr. Tully taught me that the key to developing intuition, in fact, is to pay attention to the world around us today. He told me that people are confused when they think intuition is tuning into some otherworldly frequency. ""Genuine intuition" he explained, "is founded on accurate observations of the here and now. It is these accurate observations, once turned over to the Higher Self that lead to the most advanced insights.” In other words, you need to be fully aware and present in the moment to activate your vibes.

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What Will 2017 Bring? The Answer Depends On You…

It’s a question on many minds as we begin this new year. It is perhaps asked more now than ever before in my life-time – and that spans 7 decades.

All we can say for sure is that we are in for big changes . . . on many fronts.

Each of us is faced with the decision: Will we sit back and accept changes imposed by Washington, Moscow, Beijing, and Big Business? Or will we take actions that guide humanity to a saner world?

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New Years Resolutions 2017

Do you make New Years resolutions because you are passionate about a change you would like to see...or are you judging yourself or an aspect of your life? I feel 2017 is going to be a year of authenticity, so play the main character in the story of your life and be YOU.
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The news that rocked my world… and helped me find my voice!!!!!

16 years ago today… Actually, sometime between 10pm and 6am, my grandmother walked out of her Assisted living facility in Oakley, Utah. Several hours later, her body was found a little less than a mile away. She died of hypothermia.

Today, I remember my beautiful Grandma Bonnie… and share with you a very small part of her story.

I wrote this article for one of my books, a similar letter to the Salt Lake Tribune newspaper a few months after her death… The picture is our family at the Alzheimer’s walk in Salt Lake City, Utah the year after Grandmas death.

I’ve shared this story in many classes and today, I felt guided to share it with you – SDJ <3

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Forget Resolutions, Use Manifestation Magic (for anything!)

Have you noticed that your New Year’s resolution list looks pretty much the same year after year? Often it’s a lofty bunch of goals that are forgotten within days or weeks.

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What I’m Carrying With Me Into This New Year

Happy New Year!

These are the first days of 2017, a whole new year. Amazing, isn’t it?

We have a chance to make this New Year our best year yet — personally, professionally, and politically.

On December 31, I wrote down all of the things I want to bury, burn or just stop bitching about moving forward. I also made a list of all of the positive things in my life that I want to carry with me into 2017.

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30 Simple Ways to Create Balance and Connection

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