It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Life…It’s About Building Circuitry

Life…It’s About Building Circuitry

“This is who you are and this is what you’re doing…” I say that often so that you’ll start to remember the truth—that you are a cosmic being. 

My question for you is, how often do you remember that you are a truly cosmic being?

What I mean by that is, you’re made of the universe—you are universal energy. We, each of us, are the unified field of energy packed into a body. There are no exceptions.

We are this Soulful Self coming into a funnel, into a channel, into a body, and expressing out into the world. And our job here is to remember that’s what is really going on.

Pause a moment and ask yourself, “How many times, a day, a week, a year…do I remember, I AM a Cosmic Being that’s having an experience here on earth?” Rather than a human being thinking I’m seeking a spiritual experience. 

You already are the cosmos

When we remember the truth of who we are, we allow ourselves to have a grand neutrality about life instead of taking life so personally. 

With The Energy Codes®, you’re working with the raw energy. Instead of you diverting and deflecting to figure out who’s causing the “problem.” Rather than avoid what we don’t want to feel, like nausea, a lump in our stomach, or the tightness in our chest, we build circuits because all of it is a circuitry issue. And we want to change that for us and for all of humanity.

Once we land here, on earth, this place looks really real. We start out in life reacting and exchanging as if it is real, and we get hurt or angry or defensive. When you perceive the truth, you no longer get caught up in the day-to-day happenings and experiences of life. They no longer feel so real. 

We have experiences that are based in lack because we’re not fully, consciously aware of the wholeness of our being.

Why build circuits

The Energy Codes is about us discovering how to live life in a greater reality. One where we recognize that everything that happens in our life is an opportunity, an exercise, in circuit building. Each “happening” is an exercise in remembering the truth of who you are so that you let go of the protective personality (often called the ego) and its limited perspective.

When you shift your identity from thinking you’re the protective personality to being the Soulful Self, instead of taking life personally and getting caught up in the happenings of the day, you start to live in an expanded reality.

Everything we encounter—whether it’s loving, joyful, exciting, scary, procrastination, having hurt feelings, feeling intimidated, or even a great loss—all these are human experiences. They are vibrational frequencies. Our “job” is to learn to build the circuitry to allow ourselves to be in those experiences and remember, in the same moment, our Universal Self. 

We’re not made of, or defined by, our experiences or our reaction to them

We’re made of something much bigger, the cosmos. You are here to bring that bigness into this focused, detailed human experience as You.

Bridging the gap to who You are

Circuit building, which I teach in The Energy Codes,* is consciously and intentionally bridging the gap between heaven and earth. As we bridge the gap, we start to experience the earthly experience from a heavenly perspective which means—this is all good. 

Even if we can’t see it in this exact moment, there’s a purpose and a plan for everything that is happening.

What is helpful to know is, there are two systems that run our body and our life. The system most of us are familiar with is the nervous system. There’s a brain, a spinal cord, and nerves that branch out and tell the organs and glands what to do and more. It is a resource that we need in order to engage consistently in life here in a body.

What many of are less keenly aware of is, there’s a second system, the electromagnetic energy system, that’s bigger and more important than the nervous system. It’s the master system and it built the nervous system in the developing embryo.

Circuits are lines of communication

Circuits are lines of communication that connect the highest frequency version of You, (whatever name you choose—Higher Self, Soulful Self, Spiritual Self, Energy Being) into the core of the body and out into the personality. Then the neurocircuitry allows you to memorize this updated version of You revealed through the circuits you’re building. 

We’ve focused most of our attention on the nervous system, so haven’t developed our ability to understand the electromagnetic master system we actually are. As we fill in the gap between heaven and earth through igniting circuitry, our consciousness becomes aware we are an energy/spirit being having a human experience, and we no longer get confused.

The Energy Codes practices consciously connect you with the Master System and the truth of who You are. We are made of energy. We are energy quickening ourselves into this state of being we call human. 

You are an energy being that is made of the unified field, the whole of creation, packed in to this single point of consciousness that you call you. This beingness you call, “I am.”

Reclaiming your perfection

If you’re thinking instead…I’m simply a human and human’s aren’t perfect, my invitation is for you to recognize the possibility that you are perfect. I’m not referring to perfection-ism, but to the truth that you are exactly perfect. 

If you’re not experiencing yourself as perfection, it’s a circuitry issue. As you build the circuits to perceive yourself here…in the exact right proportion, at the right moment, with divine orchestration to awaken, you experience more of your perfection all the time. 

We build energy circuits to allow this invisible energy field to flow and consistently route through our body, because it brings…

  • The vital force
  • The healing power
  • Rejuvenation and replenishment 

This is what makes the body a self-healing and self-regulating entity in and of itself. 

It is what allows us to have a higher perspective so that we know and remember that everything that happens in our lives is good. It is all in service to you knowing Yourself as the Creator you are. 

Circuit building connects heaven and earth which allows you to embrace and reveal the magnificence of who you are so that you can roll that magnificence out into this experience we call life. 

As we build the circuits, everything starts to change, we…

  • Relax inside our bodies
  • Start to sleep better at night
  • Wake up refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Feel fulfilled

When we’re not holding on to the lies and illusions that have us thinking that we’re “less than” whole, or “less than” perfect in any way, our perspective in life shifts. You realize that everything, without exception, is here in support of you.

As you begin to know that there is a purpose and a plan for everything that happens in your life, you start to move into life in a way that allows you live into that meaning sooner rather than later. When we build the circuitry that merges heaven and earth, we feel a greater sense of Self in the face of all circumstances.

You begin to live the life you are here to have.

*There are multiple ways to learn more about the life-changing Energy Codes practices. One simple way is to purchase the book (also available in Kindle and audio format), The Energy Codes: The 7-Step System to Awaken Your Spirit, Heal Your Body, and Live Your Best Life. Or join me for the next online interactive The Energy Codes Level I course to discover more about how to build circuitry to live Your best life.

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