Life Needs To Keep Us Humble

Life Needs To Keep Us Humble - Panache Desai

We all need something to keep us humble. Everybody needs to struggle somewhere, and that’s a good thing because it reminds you why you are here and that we are all in it together. That’s why life is the way it is. Plus, we are human. Isn’t it beautiful being a human being?

Freedom is showing up who you are and going through everything and not needing to hide anything. That’s freedom. The day I can’t be myself is the day I stop showing up. Had I not gone through everything I’ve gone through in life, I would be unbearable. I love this version of me. 

When our past revisits us in the presence, like a feeling of powerlessness, it’s not that we are failing or that we are doing it wrong, that’s exactly why we are going into presence in the first place. The only place these things from the past can be brought into our awareness is in the now.

For those of you who have days of contraction and expansion where you are just in flow, and then you proceed to have days that seemingly everything’s coming up that you thought you had worked through, those are the days you have to say thank you for. The days of expansion are easy. Your one or two breaths away from peace and presence. 

How you navigate the past is what’s important. The key is vulnerability. 

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