Lion’s Gate 2021


Children of the Light Awaken: forsake your political positions in duality and assume your Rightful Positions in the Oneness-Cosmos as beacons of Divine Love.   

Unity Consciousness brings into sharp resolve your Souls’ Intention and commitment to Be The Light in this life as never before.  

As the Lionsgate Portal opens building to the rising of the Brightest  Blue Star Sirius  on August 8th, its ancient alignment with the Giza Plateau, Pyramid And Sphynx speaks to us in a Light Encoded Language of our True Heart Mission In Love As Love Everlasting, calling unto you with the Lion’s Heart of courage, strength and freedom to ‘drop your nets and follow Him’ as the Lion of your Greater-Self takes us home to our creativity and personal power.  

The 8:8 Lionsgate is a Celebration Of Your Soul. Contemplate that. Not the ego or lower self, but True Divine Identity. To do so is to be honest with the self, to connect with love, to forgive and to surrender to Soul Plan. 

The Soul now and always had a plan for each of us greater than our fears. The Soul knows no fear. Where IT lives in Oneness with God, fear does not exist. The Soul lives within you. A place of peace and no fear lives within you. You can find it!  

You may be a warrior or a priest or a poet, and in all cases, ego reactions are not from the Soul. Ego reactions represent your hurt, your pain, your unresolved and unhealed emotional traumas from childhood. That’s the work: to heal your ‘I’m not good enough’ core-lie, by finding the Sacred Truth that lies within you as your Soul/One with God.  

As we do that, our limiting emotional reactions slow to a crawl and eventually stop all together. The only thing reacting till then is your ‘hurt 5-year-old’ in an adult body. 

The healing we seek is found by connecting our rambling, ungrateful mind with our grateful heart through prayer, meditation, affirmation and sadhana. For the Heart is the Gateway to the Soul.   

The Leo Lionsgate helps point us in the direction of Self-Love which means STOP JUDGING YOURSELF and forgive all that has gone before. Leo is the sign of Soul Embodiment, Inner Strength, Courage And Confidence in your daily life. 

As in Ancient Lemurian times, we The Pacifist Children Of Light, with highly evolved magical powers of abundance, manifestation and protection derived therein, now celebrate and activate the dormant key codes of the 1st three Light Rays of Power, Love and Wisdom at this time of year, accepting each our own private portion of the Celestial Light Transmission from the 8:8 Stargate. 

Transcendence as Union With The Infinite Within, yields great power for keeping emotional reactions to un-preferred worldly conditions at a minimum in times like these.  

The Lion’s Gate brings to us Balance Or Yoga with the Inner-Self and expands your ability to embody your Divine Soul Presence more fully in physical form. The Lionsgate Light Transmission infuses us with more of the strength of the Lion’s Heart to be our True Selves. 

Be courageous, be reflective. When you find yourself becoming angry with current outer injustices, ask yourself, “What am I really angry about?” You will find that it is really anger about when you were treated unjustly as a child, and you are projecting that out onto worldly circumstances, individuals, or political perspectives. 

We can only and always view the outer world from our inner-worldly paradigm. Your inner hurt is the glasses you wear and the lenses/filters you use to see through while looking out into the outer world. 

You can fight injustice without anger. You can change your world, the world, without projecting anger onto an external ‘enemy’ you have created who reminds you of your own pain on a deep subconscious level.  

Gandhiji said, “Take no enemies. Disarm, and simply be the change you want to see.” When you fight and argue and project negativity, you are losing the greater fight. That of the Light of Love to Awaken and be realized by all.  

Heal you own childhood pain and become the Sacred Warrior, allowing the Voice of your Soul Intuition to arise and speak through you as New Ideas for a New World.  

Your anger is a reflection of your self-judgment. What you judge, you lock in place, you give up your power to and you are controlled by it. Anger/judgement is a form of false-God-idol-worship.  

What you judge you put up on a pedestal above you and you bow down to it. It is in effect a mis-creation mal-practice of duality-separation by energizing a belief in two powers when in truth there is only One Power, One Love, One Mind, One God as Infinite Good And Peace. 

Oneness and Unity Consciousness are the only salvation for your personal life and for the life of the emerging New World. Tie up loose ends, heal unresolved wounding and get ready for another powerful shift into Higher Consciousness.   

You are rising up into the next phase of your Soul’s mission where all the inner work you are doing is preparing you for a more active role in creating Our Beloved New Earth and for this, She thanks you!  

Receive the blessings of the 8:8 Lion’s Gate between now and August 8 simply by affirming, “I Command My Cells To Open And Receive The Incoming Love-Light With Ease And Grace.”   

Love your Light-Body! Meditate, go to the beach, take-in nature, breathe in light, ground into the earth, get out and view the Sunset/ Sunrise.    

Set some heart-desired intentions. Seek divine insights and the support for their creation. Go deeper than your anger to your Soul. Here you will find the peace, fulfillment, abundance, and the joy you have been seeking. ~xomk~

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