It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Listen To The Great Calm

sunrise-over-mt-hood-and-foggy-trillium-lake-picture-id108271282 Listen To The Great Calm

I had a vision of the GREAT CALM on March 14, 2020 which is posted here on SoulSpring. Click Here

I am grateful people around the world are recognizing the Great Calm. It was reassuring when I received an invitation the next day to join the daily Call to Calm meditations with Panache Desai


The stock market crash in 1929 was part of the trigger that shifted the world into a reaction of fear and lack, leading to the Great Depression.

The Great Calm is a wave of Peace.

This global reset is restoring the natural state of Harmony.

When the original Great Calm post came out, friends requested a meditation audio version.

You can listen to the complete Great Calm audio recording and a short meditation by Clicking Here


Do you see signs of the Great Calm in your life?

Have you felt greater expressions of harmony?

When I focus on peace, my experience of Peace expands.

We are drawn together by our Unity. Our natural attraction is to wholeness not repair.
Drama is not necessary when we have calm awareness. It’s okay to feel happy, calm, and grateful.


Hearing affirmative messages in your own voice is comforting. A scrip for the Great Calm meditation is included here with an invitation to record your own voice. Be sure to leave plenty of breath space between the words. (Most phones have an audio recorder or voice memos feature built in.)

THE GREAT CALM MEDITATION SCRIPT – approximately 6 minutes

This is the Great Settling

A time when the frantic world

and everyone is allowed a moment
to settle into Calm,

Into Peace

Experience the Harmony
That has been here
All along

This is the time to relax

and realize, Everything
Is okay
Right Now

Allow Harmony to support you
This is your natural state of being

Let your life settle

The Great Calm
To wash through you

Feel your heartbeat


While you are safe
In the Calm of your being

Allow every emotion
To settle

You are safe

You are safe

Be calm inside yourself

Be Calm


The universe is saturated with Harmony


Settle into your Calm

The Gift of Life is a gift of Harmony

Feel your heartbeat

Allow your body to settle

Be still and be the peace
That has no where to go

Feel your heartbeat, Breathe, Relax

Feel your heartbeat



Now is our time
To rest in the Great Calm


Let love
Into the rhythm
of your heart

Settle into Calm



Rest in who you are
Rest in this precious moment

Suffering and despair
Can end now

You do not need to struggle to survive
You are alive.

Allow your self
To settle


Be Calm

Feel your heartbeat

Feel your heart now

Feel your heartbeat,
Relax, Be Calm

Your Life is all you need

Your Life
is all you need

I am here

I am calm


My contribution to the Great Calm is the Harmony Refresh.

A Heartful Harmony Refresh is a simple skill with three easy steps,
• feel your heartbeat
• be aware of your breath
• relax your body and settle into calm

As the world slows down and stops to pause, we will be able to amplify our personal experience of Harmony, reduce fear and increase calm.

You can learn the Heartful Harmony Refresh skill by visiting

Be Here and Be Calm

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