It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Live In The Moment And Be Stress Free

liveinthemoment Live In The Moment And Be Stress Free
Time and again, I write about meditation, as a great stress reliever. I believe very strongly, in the benefits of meditation, but I also want people to realize, that meditation is not only that concept which they associate only with spirituality. It is in actuality only a way of life.

Mostly people who look inward, see it only as a method of personal spiritual evolution, but i want you to see just the basic levels of evolution, in order to clear the stress levels.

Meditation is a way that will get us, short term and long term benefits. It is up to our own intelligence intake, that we choose our path.

Anything that calms the body and brain and gives us a level of slow infiltrated joy us our meditative state.

Focused breathing is really  what gives a gentle and overall change to the general stress levels. It is the best way of calming the body and the brain, in the shortest span of time. Physical touch, such as, a simple hug, is another quick strategy.


The most major benefits of meditation are the following:

a. It can stop the stress response
b. It calms the breathing
c. It reduces the cortisol levels
d. It slows the heart rate
e. Builds resilience

Meditation allows you to maintain a very objective perspective. You can actually objectively view yourself, at this new level of resilience. Meditation does this as it creates a certain kind of space between you and the stressor.


This can be targeted and it works in the best fashion. You can be effectively coping with stress by meditating as you are encountering ways of handling it.


You have to initially, get over the initial discomfort of meditating. Disciplining the mind , is a way of training the mind, to behave in a certain fashion. The mind has its own wayward ways, it needs to be focused and aligned, to connect within. Meditation is a way of reaching that alignment.

Once that alignment occurs within, then stress is naturally blown away. Stress only takes over, when we are not in sync within ourselves.


The most difficult task is of course, to tame the mind. The mind like a monkey jumps from branch to branch, also jumps from thought to thought. It does take time for us to maintain a single focus. We need to practice, living in the present moment, and quieten thoughts about our past and future.


Meditation is a skill you need to master, like any other skill. You need to basically understand, the critic, within yourself. Only then can true self mastery, be practiced.


We are constantly complaining to our own selves, that we are not doing something right. W need to master this negative quality, by finding our own personal way of fighting the stress. Since there are many different ways, of reaching the same conclusion, we need to embrace the one that personally suits us.


Actually according to me, this is the only concept we need to target. It is the best way to meditate. Whatever activity you are performing, needs to be performed, with the utmost concentration. That will be your own personal way of meditation. Be it exercising, doing yoga, or walking in Nature, these are some of the activities you can relate to, in terms of meditation, also eating food, playing games or even cooking could be meditative and therapeutic.


I would like my readers to understand, that meditation, is not about, sitting in the Lotus posture to meditate and concentrate. You could be anywhere, doing anything, and be in a totally meditative state.
Meditation is perhaps, the easiest path to stress release, as it is not space bound or having any restrictive parameters as such.
Meditatate and remain joyously stress free. 
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