It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Living An Energy Driven Life

energylife Living An Energy Driven Life
It is an inherent law of the mind that we increase whatever we praise, this has even been validated by Charles Fillmore.  I personally do believe that it is true. If we are living in a state of gratitude, then our level of Joy and happiness is definitely on the increase.  

We have many desires and many dreams which we can even call our goals. These are supposed to propel us to a level of happiness, but in order to gain something, we also have to learn to let go of something. For most people this is the most difficult step to understand as they are very attached to their goals. They fear that letting go will make them give up on their goals. Of course this is not true. 


Determination is an approach of calm and consistent action. It gives you the ability to concentrate on creative productivity instead of emotional unrest. 


Desperation moves you away from focused action, onto a kind of emotional reaction. You begin to live on a level of apprehension and fear. This blocks creativity and action both. Agitation does away with positive energy. Projecting a desperate vibration into the Universe will create only a reality parallel to that. 


If we project thoughts like" I will never be happy unless I have this particular car, or my other desired object"  we will only be miserable. This will ruin your energy. Your fears will attract a negative result. Having negative vibration creates a negative reality.  


Letting go of the concept of urgency of results is very essential. Releasing a level of desperation of results, is what will never allow you to reach your desired objective. 


Trusting in the idea of reaching your desired goals is very important.  This is what will actually help you to reach your desires. 


Success is a huge commitment. When we have arrived at our desired particular goal, we also have to realize that we need to maintain a high level of energy. This should also be maintained at an adequate level of balance. It accelerates the productive times, and stimulates them when they are slow. 


Your attitude is the fuel of your intention. It will motivate and invigorate you. But this intention needs to be renewed everyday.  You have to affirm your goal everyday.  You need to feel your enthusiasm flow through you everyday. This ultimately stimulates your brain chemistry and helps focus your consciousness on creation. The attitude of excitement must not of course be limited to your goal.  It must be applied to your everyday activities which propel you towards your goal. 


To make any particular dream come true, a level of self discipline is absolutely the required essential. You have to create a level of enthusiasm for each step of the journey, to make your dream into a reality. 


This is a very powerful technique. We can say that just as you can easily visualize winning a marathon, similarly you can easily visualize reaching a particular goal. Once you have the required visual of your goal, you can also visualize your journey of getting there. This is what will actually make you reach your goal.


See yourself enjoying the results of the work you have put in and the results you have achieved. Hold the images close to your heart and mind and allow them to guide you. 

 Enjoy your new energy driven life. 
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