It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Living From the Inside Out

portrait-of-adult-woman-meditating-in-fog-picture-id1196873459 Living From the Inside Out

We’re living in a very curious season of life right now. I’m watching as yet another time period passes where the markets are going a little crazy, there’s no toilet paper in the stores, and all the pasta has disappeared from the shelves of my local Whole Foods.

This is scary and stressful for many of us. As I’m watching, I see how a lot of us are really hitting a place where we’re experiencing some strong emotions behind our money. Stress. Fear. Uncertainty. It has everything to do with what’s going on with the coronavirus right now. Our finances are really up in the air to an extent, and that’s causing a lot of fear based emotions.

But we don’t have to live like this.

What Is Living From the Inside Out

Now, I’m not going to talk to you about tons of detailed financial stuff, how it’s impacting your bank account and the markets, or the likelihood of a recession. What I am here to say, however, is this: We need to start living our lives from the inside out, and we need to start living that way right now.

We have to move on from this place of looking at things from outside ourselves and start seeing from what’s inside ourselves if we want to proceed in a happy, balanced, wealthy way.

This is what I mean…

If you allow the left side of your brain to hijack the right side of your brain, especially in times such as now, then you’re inviting panic into your life since the only thing you’re listening to is the external. You’re not paying attention to what you want deeply, which is far more peaceful, loving, and more cohesive than the external panic.

When what is true for you as a person on the inside doesn’t match up with what’s happening outside, then you know you’re being called to get things in order. What I mean by this, is that if you are not living in a way that’s aligned with yourself but rather being carried by external factors, you aren’t in a state of what I call REAL WEALTH.

I talk about this a great deal in my second book, Awaken Your Wealth. I explain that we need to change our approach to how we insulate ourselves against the macroeconomics occurring around us on a big level so that we can live with REAL WEALTH.

How to Live with Real Wealth

How do we do that? How do we find real wealth amidst the chaos around us in the world?

Well, we have to do it deliberately. I want you to take some time to yourself to sit there and purposefully delve deep into your life. You need to be honest with yourself and say, “Okay, if we do tip into a recession or if we don’t, I need to start building my life from the inside out. I need to remain true to me and not let these outward experiences sway me.”

For those of us who have families or businesses, what this means is that regardless of how things go, how long this downturn lasts, or how long there’s a shortage of toilet paper and pasta at the stores… it’s super-duper important that we stay centered, calm, and true to our inward selves.

A lot of you out there know that there’s the holistic side of what I do as well as the left-brain more logical side. It’s so, so important, especially in times like these, that we meld these two together, which is a process called Coherence. While the world is falling apart around us, it’s so important that we fall together. We have to merge these two because one is our heads and one is our hearts, and if we’re not working in harmony with ourselves, we can’t be healthy.

Start Living From the Inside Out Today

If you allow your brain to dictate everything and external factors to determine your path, then you’re allowing your ego, which is your mind, to take control. That’s a recipe for disaster. Our egos are being challenged today, and if you approach everything that’s happening around you from your ego, then I guarantee you that you’ll have problems.


Because you’re not coherent, and you’re not living from the inside out.

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