Look for the “Good Eggs” in Life!

birds-nest-picture-id528562878 Look for the “Good Eggs” in Life!

This calendar week has always been special to me and to my family. The Easter holiday was always the herald of a new beginning and that something sacred and beautiful was shared in my home. It was a time for peace, reconciliation, and one where everything felt like we were all getting a second chance. I don’t have one bad memory of this time of year (unlike Christmas, which took me years to heal my inner Scrooge and fear of holiday crazy).

And, to top it off, I was raised to celebrate 2 Easters in a row! These were the western Christian holiday, as we were raised as Anglicans, and then another one the next weekend as my Dad celebrated the Serbian Orthodox traditions, which followed a different calendar.

And, although these are supposed to be religious holidays, we were also all painting eggs and hunting for chocolate from the Easter Bunny!!

So this year Easter came late since it is always held the Sunday after the full moon that followed the March equinox. And since the full moon happened literally right after the equinox- here we are!

When I think about this week’s general reading it does remind me of the ambition I had to find those eggs- my mom er- the Easter Bunny hid for me all around the house. I had this colorful wicker basket and my parents would yell  “hot, warm, getting warmer, etc.” when my sister and I would get close to the hiding spots.

I had so much fun with my parents who continued this tradition into our teens! No matter what was happening, whatever bickering or disagreements we had, we all agreed that all that would be up for healing. Then we’d sit around our large dining table with colorful art markers and create these marvelous paintings on hollow eggs that we blew out, then used for omelets later.

We were taught to look for only the good, only the peaceful, only the joy and the beauty offered to us. All my life I’ve seen this time of year the same way. The archetypal energies of this week’s universal energy reading ask us all to seek out peace, goodness, and to focus on finding the best in others and choose to communicate these very aspects to the world.

It’s not always easy, especially online when so many people use this medium to try to hurt others. But if you look past this, you will find extraordinary beauty if you’re willing to hunt for it. There are symbolic Easter eggs everywhere.

This week- look for the good, look for the sacred, be the one who makes peace and who loves without conditions. Can you give someone a second chance and repair what needs healing? Start within. That’s where all the power is anyway. You and Spirit.

This world needs more peace, more caring, and we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


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