It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Are Relationships Spiritual Lessons For Us?

together-is-the-only-place-we-want-to-be-picture-id872342066 Are Relationships Spiritual Lessons For Us?

Did you know that relationships are mirror images of your own life? Relationships are affected by what's going on in your life. It's all about how you feel and treat yourself, as well as how you react and respond to different situations and people that are around you.

All relationships (whether they’re on an emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual level) are all part of the learning process and should nurture and enlighten your soul. No matter what category a relationship falls into, it acts as a teaching tool for you to understand the lessons that your soul needs to learn at that time in your life. While you may not necessarily understand why you enter into a new relationship at the time, it can help you to understand, change, or enhance your individual qualities.

Do remember, that every relationship is an opportunity for soul growth. Different types of relationships have an uncanny way of showing you what you need to work on in your life. At times, they can reveal your vulnerabilities and insecurities, or your need for attention, approval, and acceptance. Equally, they can identify where you may be stuck in a rut, or even where you need love, peace, healing, or joy in your life.

Relationships of all kinds are really about you, even in the hardest situations. As I've said: “They’re meant to be mirrors for us, always reflecting back what we need to see. The question is: Do you want to look in this mirror, and be open to what you need to learn, or simply pretend it's not there and pass it by?”


Please remember not all relationships have to be one-on-one with just one individual. They can be with a group, an organization, a pet, or even an incident or situation.

It's always worth taking time to journal the relationships you’ve had in the past, and see if they’ve guided you in the direction of where you are now or did they lead you away from your purpose? On another page I'd encourage you to write down all the relationships that are happening in your life right now.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • “What am I learning from this relationship?”
  • "What qualities am I developing as a result of this relationship?”
  • “Is this relationship for my highest good?”
  • “How can I make this relationship better?”
  • “Are we learning from each other?”
  • “What have I learnt or still learning about myself through this relationship?”
  • “Are the people in my life empowering and encouraging me to be all that I can be?”

Within every relationship, there’s an encoded lesson that you’ve hopefully learnt or still need to learn.

Of course, I should stress that some relationships are simply there for you to experience love or it could be showing you what you don’t want in your next relationship. So when it’s time to develop a relationship, you’ll be more aware and have the ability to manifest the type of relationship you want – one that serves your highest purpose. Whatever the case, when you learn to open your heart and view the relationship through the eyes of your soul, you’ll discover an even better relationship that’s waiting for you – the relationship of your soul-self.

Live a Soul-filled life!

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