It’s Time to Embrace Love


This past week got off to a love-filled start, with the announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement.

Their news made me happy, as it did so many others. I felt happy for them as a couple. I felt happy for this story of joy, hope and acceptance by the world.

I was so excited about their love story, in fact, that I told our team here at The Sunday Paper that we should devote our entire edition this weekend to love—the power of it, the strength of it, how it keeps us going, in good times and in bad. In a world dominated by head-spinning headlines, I feel like the stories of love never get enough attention. I’m not just talking about love within relationships. I’m talking about love in action across all walks of life. I believe that these are the stories that the world needs more of because they give us hope for the path ahead.

We live in a time of upheaval, to be sure. We are inundated daily with stories about strife, about disagreements, about hatred, violence and lying. These are stories that should rock us all. They should stop us cold in our tracks. They should force us all to rethink what we know. But, they shouldn’t cause us to give up on what’s good in the world.

There are stories of love all around us. I was so inspired this week by the strength of love that Pope Francis showed as he stood up and spoke out for the people of Myanmar. I was also inspired by Franne Gold, our Architect of Change of the Week in today’s Sunday Paper. She demonstrates love in action every day as the caregiver to her husband with Alzheimer’s. Their love story will move you and inspire you to think about love in a whole new way.

A desire to receive love, and a desire to give love, exists within all of us. It is a common need. That’s important to remember when the world beats you down.



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