It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Point of Contact

young-person-rafting-on-the-river-extreme-and-fun-sport-at-tourist-picture-id674147682 Point of Contact
Shift your body, shift your mind and shift your heart to make room for a new point of contact. Create space for God’s love to land. Allow the miracles to flow sweetly to you, through you and all around you. 

My husband and I were standing next to the large raft that would be carrying us through the rapids of the White Salmon River. Our Guide, Mike was instructing us on how to achieve the most powerful Point of Contact between the oar and the river. I was immediately reminded of my thoughts during a hike the previous day. 

On the hike, I paused long enough to fully absorb the message I was receiving. We need to shift our thoughts and behaviors enough to create a space for God’s love to land. Space was created on the dirt path. God arrived, I listened.

The past week I attended a Celebrate Your Life Event at Skamania Lodge, in Washington. The speakers brought forth both old and new thoughts and energy in their words. The guests brought their own energy, ideas and beliefs into the retreat. We were surrounded by excitement, love, grief, healing and the energy of miracles. The space was filled not just with people, but spirits and life changing energy. 

When I am surrounded by this magnitude of energy my ability to sleep decreases and I need even more solitude. I took to the near-by dirt trails.  I appreciated the silence as the feelings and energy that were not mine, slipped away.  Solitude is when I listen best and clarity is established. 

One of my walks led me to a moss covered wooden bench. It was next to a small lake. The water near me was moving with big splashes. At my feet two river otters played. Their bodies would wind around each other, both in and above the water. They took breaks from playing to grab a bite of vegetation. This was a great reminder to bring playful energy into everything! 

We can find spiritual meaning and messages in every moment. We only need to stop and listen. Many spiritual teachers speak of coincidences; or that there are no coincidences, only messages, confirmations and miracles.  


​The opening ceremony of the Celebrate Your Life Event was held in the evening. We were allowed to find our seating of choice. Each chair held a beautifully colored bag with something magical inside. I choose my seat near the back. 

Denise Linn stepped up on the stage and shared a powerful story of survival, healing and love. My attention was caught. She invited us to take out two little pieces of paper from our bag. We first wrote down what we are ready to let go of. What doesn’t fit into our life anymore. On the second piece of paper we wrote down what we are welcoming into our life. This is a tried and true exercise to bring attention to our life. 

I am ready to let go of the frustrations I experience in the dark Alaskan Winters. My thoughts travel too often to the cold and dark. This is not a good fit for me.

On my second paper, I welcomed a home for my winters in Phoenix Arizona. This dream will offer long summer Alaskan days and warm Arizona winters. After writing our intentions, Denise asked us to pull out the card that each one of us had in our bag. These were from her Oracle deck. Each card shared a unique message. 

My card was a picture of the rising Phoenix. My Phoenix home! This absolutely delighted me! I love messages, how- ever they come to me. I am still celebrating this confirmation of my Arizona home. Thank you Denise!

Each bag also contained a river rock. It was fitting for my husband and I to seek the rapids on the river. We needed to clear what no longer is serving us. We needed to clear a space in our hearts, minds and soul for a point of contact with Spirit.  



Resist the urge to control or other - wise not be your true self.  

The truest version of you, the purest version of self, is made of such finite particles, that even gravity can’t control.

 We are all able to dance and move freely..
Breathe in the breadth of the stars..
Breathe in the wisdom of all human kind.
Breathe in the depth of the human consciousness..
Allow this to blend with the energy of all..
As this weaves a new vision for us to all share..

Sit back and allow God to land at your feet..
Allow God to land in your heart, mind and soul.. 
You see this was the plan all along.. You would awaken and be mystified by the Beauty of all that has occurred with in you.. 

As you sift thru the clearest visions of self.. some images are released.. others transform before you..

This is the space that allows the point of contact.
This brings in the energy of Source so strong and pure.
As it lands there is a great expansion that lifts away any doubts of why you are here. 

Take my hand and see yourself thru the eyes of one that loves and honors you. You have discovered the truth.

Allow yourself to unwind and pull away from all that is not your highest being.. All that remains to be done is breathe in and live..
Move within the realms of the highest force..
Breathe within the highest realms.. 
A place was saved just for you.  

End of Channel

Gratitude for all that touched my life this week. The river guides of Wild Water were awesome; both Mike and Shafer. 
Sending lots of love to everyone! May we all enjoy our amazing adventure! 

Carrying the Water
Awaken Higher Awareness Through Self-Observation

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