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Relationships: Better Communication

couplecommunication Relationships: Better Communication

Lack of communication is a core reason relationships suffer. When you aren’t clear about expectations, hopes, fears or what you love and want, you and your partner have little chance to come together or, for that matter, even really know each other. Everyone is always expanding and changing and it is communication that allows you both to continue to ‘know’ the always ‘new’ you.

You are always being pulled into distraction; TV, your phone, magazines, jobs, social events, sports, kids and a million other things you allow to keep you from talking. They are easier than having that conversation that might be uncomfortable or might upset your partner.

Find time alone with your partner, undisturbed, and create it regularly. Turn off your phones and make sure you don’t feel rushed to be somewhere else.

Be mindful of what you are doing; communicating, sharing, bonding, being intimate non-sexually. This is critical relationship building time and it helps keep you both from getting mad, or yelling or being angry.

Pay attention to what your partner is saying. Take them seriously. Make it matter. Show respect and love. Share feelings and how it all makes you feel.

Most importantly be authentic. Don’t play an acting game. Be yourself. Let your partner know who you are. Be exposed to them and let them know you.

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