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There is a cure for loneliness. And it’s….

friends-picture-id525695643 There is a cure for loneliness. And it’s….

YES, you guessed it - LOVE is the cure for loneliness.

There is so much loneliness in our world today.  Not only within our lives but on a global level, loneliness is fueled by fear, hatred and mis-trust.

Loneliness can easily take control.  

Have you ever felt it?

That feeling that no one is listening… no one appreciates you… no one loves you… no one cares…

Have you ever thought, “Do I even love myself?”

These might sound like crazy questions but the ego mind encourages this feeling of separation.  

It wants us to feel alone and lonely - separate from others and our own heart.

Look around you today… in the news… in the political scene…in your own family… it shows up constantly… in so many ways.

The good news is that this can be corrected!

You CAN create change in your life and overcome these feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion and frustration that accompany loneliness.

Love is the cure.

It’s the only thing that creates change.  

LOVE is who we are.

Beginning right now, look for all the things, people and places you are grateful for in your life.

Say to yourself, “Love is who I am, all that I love lives within my heart.”

Repeat this mantra throughout the day

“Love is who I am, all that I love lives within my heart.”

Look for opportunities to smile at people; pat your pets - or other people’s pets :)

Call a friend or family member and tell them you love them - SMILE when you say “I just called to tell you I love you.” Don’t ask them for a favor or expect them to tell you they love you.

This is all about you being grateful and being able to experience the feeling of love that comes from giving without expectation.

You WILL love the feeling!

Here’s to your Brilliance, Happiness and Success,

Love always xxx

Sandra and Daniel

PS. Write in your Journal all the things you love and are grateful for - your list will be longer than you can imagine...and, you can add to the list as your high frequency state of love expands - yay!!

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