It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Welcoming Your Ideal Partner

daryn-stumbaugh-3240-unsplash Welcoming Your Ideal Partner

There is one question that many of us, of all ages, are seeking an answer. People want to know if they will experience true love? I believe each of us can find a deep connection with a partner. We are all different and have unique needs. Is there a formula that can be used by each of us that leads to Love? Yes; I am going to share with you a plan that will clearly guide you to true love.


First you need to determine if you are ready to commit. Maybe you are on a path that is of self -discovery. You might be enjoying the sights and sounds with people that are not meant to be long term partners. Our lives are full of different lessons and cycles. Some adventures are for you alone to experience, and later share. 

If you believe that you are ready for a partner, make a very detailed list of what you desire. Imagine and describe the physical, emotional, spiritual and social requirements of your dream partner. Don’t spare the details. Sometimes people from your past can help you come up with the details.Sometimes people from your past can help you come up with the details. You might have already figured out what you don’t want. Describe what you do want. 


The next step is probably the most important. Write down in detail who you are and what you love about yourself. This requires you to examine your social, emotional, spiritual and physical self. What are you in love with? What brings you joy? What experiences has life shared with you that has brought you to love your-self? Come up with an endless list of what you love about you and your life. 

People that love themselves, attract others that are capable of cultivating and maintaining a loving relationship. If you can fully love yourself, you can love others fully. 

After coming up with what you love about you and your life; come up with the areas that are sticking points. I’m talking about those areas that don’t feel so good. Maybe you wish they had never happened. Maybe you wish you could change something about yourself. This is where discipline comes in.
Make a list of the things or beliefs that you are ready to disconnect from. When this list of experiences, past relationships, beliefs and behaviors is feeling complete, ask your- self if you’re ready to let go. It helps to identify what positive things have come into your life. Some of these were hidden in painful and even disappointing experiences. If you are ready to let go of a bad marriage, identify the beautiful parts of the relationship. Maybe you learned how to forgive others. Possibly the relationship brought children into your life. 
If you are experiencing a lack of love for part of your body, think of all the miracles your physical self does each day. Your heart beats and blood circulates continuously. You can feel the sun, a cool breeze and the grass beneath your feet. Your body has been sharing messages with you from the beginning. Think of ways you can show your body new love and appreciation. 
When you release the difficult thoughts, experiences and memories, space is made available for a new partner and love. 
Come up with ways you can shower love in all areas of your life, physical, spiritual, emotional and social. Begin by volunteering, eat healthy, meditate, pray, spend time outside, join new groups, get a massage, smile. Share your love. Show the world the greatest version of yourself. 

Hold Faith in trusting the universe to deliver, in perfect timing, the perfect partner. 

Ask your Angels and guides to show you the way to the most magnificent love of your life. 

Channeled message 

You have the ability to know and experience pure love.When your journey here is complete you will have undertaken an awareness of all. The love that is created in the human form calls for higher vibrations. A heart that knows love, needs no shield or protection. When you practice true love, you experience an absence of fear.. The gift of sharing yourself with others, and allowing yourself to fully exchange love in the moment brings you limitless possibilities .. 

Allow yourself to be present with love .. the beautiful high vibration that is woven in and out of every breath that binds you tightly into this configuration of life, love and eternity. We guide you to open your heart. Trust that we will bring you what you are yearning for.. We see your truest nature.. We see you as a complete being that is able to grow with the light of love.. We offer you a love that is strong , and beautiful; waiting to be fully experienced .. 

We witness the shielding of hearts.. Trust . Let us show you, your true self.. The love light pours forth in abundance, guiding you to us, guiding you along .. Allow this vibration in each and every moment to carry you deeper into this life. Deeper into understanding why you are here. Deeper into your knowing of what this very life is all about. Deeper into the richness of being you.. Blending your very energy into that which you are created from.. You alone stand in peace and love. 

We are here to share the intelligence that is rising on this plane.. this awakening is felt deep within .. We are guiding you into an awareness that is filled with supreme love.. This energetic exchanges comes in waves or folds. Be patient with your- self.. At times you see with the clarity of all. Other times you take cover from the un-known.. Know that peace is by your side, in the truest form... 

We bring you to a higher plane and serve you with visions of new awareness, new connections, and new alertness.. Your body is shifting and becoming aware of the beauty contained with in.. Treasure the human body .. fore it contains elements of pure potential.. as does your mind. Your soul has been guided to slowly evolve into an awareness of all and with this awareness your truest form calls others to join. Understanding love is an element of change, an element of eternity that brings us together as one.. slowly you emerge into the awareness that you have never been alone or lost, you have always been in the deepest part of love.. We ask that you share messages of love in every moment, knowingly cast the spell of love.. capture all with the beauty of your soul.. speak to all, even those that are not ready to listen.. Shine your light on all .. This journey is expansive. We rejoice that you are here.
End of Channeled Message

May we all experience love and peace in our homes and hearts. I believe it is important to stay open to love in the many forms it comes into our life. 

I am putting my radio show on hold, after June. I am being called to create videos, that will be available on youtube.
I will hold two meditation channeling events this summer. More information will be posted soon, check out my event page 
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