What I’m Thinking About This Mother’s Day

Today, I want to move beyond my own intimate experience with motherhood and focus on what I believe the world at large is yearning for right now. Simply put, that is Mothering — on a big stage and on a big scale.
What do I mean by that? I mean that I believe all of the world’s children — old and young — are looking to be loved, accepted, nurtured, soothed and cared for by mother energy.

Really good mothers make really good leaders because they nurture, they build a solid team, they see your potential, and they build on your strengths, not your fears. They inspire you, they guide you, and they ask of you. Plus, they are really strong and shouldn’t be messed with.

I love that the newly elected president of France said in his acceptance speech last week that he would govern with humility, devotion, and determination, and also that he would “serve with love.”

That’s what mothers do every day.

Day in and day out, mothers serve with humility, devotion, determination, and love. May we all realize that mothering is a presidential-level task and that, done right, it can lead a family, a nation, and a world to fulfill its highest potential.

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