It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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When plans go Awry? (Ditch the plans!)


This week has been so rich with ups and downs I must have meditated at least 3 times daily just to keep myself sane. My oracle cards were also on point so nothing really came as a surprise when Chaos and Conflict, Not For You, was followed by more of the same. I think I chose the card with the saying “ not my circus, not my monkeys” four times over 5 days.

Yet I still feel the brunt of it. My response determining my experience is always something I watch however and I have learned a very important lesson of letting go this week.

I woke up super happy and looked at my husband and realized he needed to go to emergency. He had dental work and was in the most agony I had ever seen him in. Simultaneously my little dog woke up and couldn’t open her eye! So my birthday began and ended in an emergency room for both my babies.

I managed to shop nearby while Marc was seeing his dentist- (retail therapy is ever only one store away) regardless, and then we hightailed it back home to the country to take Bisou to the vet who let us know our baby has a severe corneal ulcer. She will be fine although the tiny cone of shame is not making her very happy.

Now.. this may not seem like a big deal and of course it wasn’t. Plans change and I see the world through a lens of gratitude pretty much all the time. But I am going to be honest I get very few days off and so I started out a teeny bit miffed. Who me selfish having a teeny weeny moment of self pity sitting in a dirty diaper? AH- YA!

Has that happened to you? Do you know why you feel miffed?

I learned that my serenity is inversely proportionate to my expectations and attachments. If plans go awry the best response is “ that’s interesting” and see what Spirit has in store!

To top it all off as all this was happening other “unexpected visitors” arrived to challenge me in other parts of my life and I was pushed to do some tough things for the highest good.

Yes I was attached to my plans, my vision not just for my day but for my life’s work, school etc., but by the end of my first coffee, well, I had surrendered and showed up. The question being “ What is in the highest good?” and the answer “ Letting Go”.

Radical acceptance isn’t just for the big things in co-creation and spiritual growth. It also applies to the little things too. It’s the little ones that snowball down the hill and affect everything you touch. Your thoughts feelings and beliefs create an entire false domain that you get trapped in when you don’t deal with your resentments and beefs at the time they happen. No matter how small- they can become monster size later on.

So I guess the moral of this story is be here now no matter what life throws you, lemons can turn into lemonade. Marc got what he needed, the puppy did too and so did I. Was it what I thought I was entitled to?

Funny enough once I made the mental shift that I had to ditch my best laid plans for Spirit’s plan- it didn’t even cross my mind. Pesky little goblin fell back asleep as soon as it opened its beady little eyes! Gratitude truly is the Abracadabra for everything!

Thank Goodness for my oracle cards. Although things didn’t go as I would have planned they went exactly as they were supposed to.

Big love to you and yours.

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