It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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When Soulmates Bring You to Your Knees


Continuing the theme of exploring relationships this month I’ll ask this question. Do you remember a time when you thought you met “THE ONE” and felt so strongly that you had met your soulmate, only to see this special relationship go up in flames, and you on your knees sobbing and confused?

This can apply to best friendships too not just romantic relationships. I’ve befriended a few people I was convinced would be my friend for life only to see it all unravel and disintegrate in a short time. Perhaps this may have happened to you too?

The truth is these are soulmates of a different kind, harbingers of true healing and what I like to call Shadow teachers. Through these powerful connections we get to see how our unprocessed wound-patterns still can cause us to be in denial when we choose to follow through on our attractions.

Every relationship is a reflection on how aware we are about our stories and how we tell them, what we resonate with and what we are in denial about. I have no doubt that some of the people I have been close to and called soulmate, convinced they were infused with the sparkling magic of “The One”, were indeed that but not the one who would save me, or last forever. Instead they were in my life for the sole purpose of forcing me to see what I need to change in myself.

So before you start doubting your intuition, or getting angry at that psychic who fed you the “fake news” that this person was your soulmate, or even resenting and blaming the supposed “soulmate” who went on to betray you or themselves, or abandoned you, rejected you etc. look to the inherent lesson in the relationship.

What did you learn about yourself from this experience? How did this relationship reflect an unhealed wound or old pattern? What red flags did you ignore? How did you outgrow the relationship? Who did you become as a result of this relationship? How did it help you make better choices later on?

I can tell you that my most painful relationships made me 1000% stronger and more aware of my own hidden agendas and today I am eternally grateful to them. I can’t say what they learned but I sure know what I learned about myself.

If you are experiencing this now, or have experienced this kind of shocking disappointment in your past and have not faced it, consider this, the Universe is trying to get your attention in a BIG way when you find yourself in this soulmate dilemma.

Just remember this. Not all soulmates are hearts and flowers nor are they meant to last  forever. Sometimes the most powerful ones come into your life, bowl you over with the most juicy addictive and seductive energy, then kick you behind the knees so you can become the person you want to be, in the relationship that is truly in alignment with the life you really want!

The trick is to discover the lesson and do the healing as soon as you can so you don’t keep fostering the same energy. Respect these soulmates, for Shadow teachers leave us with the most valuable gifts.

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