Make Loving Yourself A Sacred Ritual

beautiful-young-girl-is-wearing-casual-clothes-having-rest-in-a-with-picture-id910206946 Make Loving Yourself A Sacred Ritual

This week’s goddess that stood out for me in our universal energy forecast is the Greek goddess Demeter. I’m on the ocean right now with medium John Holland for our cruise, and I plan on going to the spa this week and swimming in the ocean when we stop, something I have not done in a while. When I am true to my self-care plan I take regular Himalayan salt baths, meditate, spend very little time on personal social media and do a regular inventory of my thoughts feelings and beliefs. Do you have a special way to self-care? A ritual? Are you faithful to it?

Self-nurturing is so important with my busy schedule, and if I forget, or say yes when I need to say no, I regret it. Here on this beautiful ocean one would think it’s a vacation for me, but it’s work and so I’m also aware of the needs of my students here and why they came. So if I don’t take care of me, I won’t be able to serve at my highest capacity, and I may fall prey to want to rescue someone in pain. Most healers and practitioners of the intuitive arts are driven by Demeter’s energy and that makes us good at what we do, but we need to be careful and self-aware and know where the boundary lies.

Demeter represents the urge in us to nurture and to be maternal, inherent in which is to incubate, give birth to a metaphoric “child” that we are bound to care for and who inherently needs us. So, when we find that we cannot fix or heal or rescue others, we are reminded of the shadow side of this archetype, which is codependency and enmeshment.

Do you ever find yourself in this kind of dynamic? It is seductive to be needed by someone, but often times that sparkle wears off, you’ll fall off your pedestal, and you’ll realize you can never do someone else’s personal work for them. You can be dazzled by their need and called to it as if it’s your baby, but ultimately it’s not. Then, the other person will be disappointed because you couldn’t fix them and you end up exhausted and depleted and doubting yourself because you could not love them into loving themselves. Has this happened to you?

The goddess whose energy closed the reading this week – Branwen, she is all about the broken heart and how freedom and redemption come from allowing yourself to break open and fall into forgiveness. So if you have found yourself in a dysfunctional and draining situation, if you’ve gotten into a sticky mess with someone, if you’ve allowed an energy vampire to suck on your energy, forgive yourself! Radically accept the other person or situation as exactly as it’s supposed to be. The only person you can change is you. Make loving yourself, setting boundaries, and choosing to nurture yourself a sacred ritual. This is that kind of week. You first!

Choose self-love and you choose your freedom. Only Beauty and Love will be present then, even in the ugliest circumstances the Light of forgiveness can shine and good things will follow. Ask yourself – Is this good for me? How can this serve my highest good? What do I need right now? You’ll be amazed at the answer.

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