Make Time For Yourself - A 'How To' Guide

Make Time For Yourself - A 'How To' Guide  - Eliana Davison

Our hectic schedules and the fast pace of life can make us feel overwhelmed, tired, and stressed. That is why many people around the world seek ways to relax and make some time that they can dedicate to themselves. However, this can often be a hard task since we have a lot to do throughout the day, but it is not impossible. There are plenty of ways to dedicate some time to yourself and here is a short guide on how to do it. 

Reserve Evenings for Yourself

If your daytime is filled with obligations, make sure to leave a few evenings free. This free time you can use to talk to yourself, relax and simply spend some “me time” in a way that you prefer. Don’t just wait for the weekend to come to enjoy an evening by yourself, leave some weeknights for that, too. If someone happens to invite you out on those evenings, just say you’re busy and do whatever recharges your energy. Read books, exercise, do some gardening or give yourself the ultimate luxury of doing absolutely nothing. 

Treat Yourself Once a Month

Just like you schedule your obligations, schedule a treat for yourself at least once a month. This can be anything you enjoy and look forward to. You can for example schedule leaving work early, get a spa treatment, go see a movie, a haircut, play some sports, or even have lunch with yourself to try new food. You can even schedule shopping for pleasure once a month, and even buy some new fancy clothes from moda fashion and truly spoil yourself that day. Just try and think of something you rarely do and schedule those exciting activities. 

Try Something New

There is often little time left for trying new things, but there is a way to do that. Start with smaller things, like trying new food, changing a restaurant for your lunch break, and similar. You can even browse through the best burgers menu and find a burger that you’ve never tried. You can even try some activities that you have on your bucket list, like bungee jumping, zip-lining, or even a sport you’ve never dared try. Or you could start learning a new skill, language or whatever you find interesting and useful to yourself and yourself only. Even if you do these things for an hour a month, it will help you unwind and enjoy your time. 

Get Creative

Creativity comes in many forms and it can help us recharge and spend some time having fun with ourselves. Creativity can be expressed through cooking, painting, writing, gardening, dancing, crafting, you name it. Just find something you enjoy and something that will let you explore your imagination and help you relax. No matter the medium, the end result is the same and you will reap the benefits of engaging in something creating and expressing yourself. It will help you decrease stress and anxiety, it will promote joy, and help you heal.

Set Boundaries at Work

Your job and employer are important to you since they are your source of income, but you have to set some boundaries. Your employer has probably already set some boundaries with you, and you should do the same, but keep them realistic. For example, you can set a limit by always leaving on time instead of staying late at work almost every day. Such boundaries will help you establish a healthy work-life balance and will get you the much-needed time alone. Also, if you are a working parent, talk to your employer or manager and tell them what you need to make sure your family is taken care of. And if your company won’t help you establish boundaries and provide you with no support, give yourself a break and find an employer that is reasonable and who will appreciate you more as an employee. 

Question Your Guilt

You may feel guilty when trying to spend some time alone, especially if you are a parent. However, don’t ignore that guilt and explore it instead. Ask yourself why you feel guilty by taking a little off time to rest and restore your energy. Go to a therapist or journal about it, just make sure to put those feelings somewhere where you can see them and explore them. Dig deep and find the source of that quilt. If you feel guilty for “leaving” your family for a bit because they need you, will that time you spend alone actually “damage” your family in any way. Probably not and you deserve to be well-rested in order to be able to keep supporting the family.

The Importance of Self-Care

Even though you may feel overwhelmed and like you don’t have a few minutes for yourself, there are ways to achieve that. Self-care and “me time” are extremely important today in order to stay healthy and balanced. We live a very fast life and things can get stressful really easily, and that is why you need to take some time off, reflect and talk to yourself about how you feel. And even if you just need a few minutes to relax in order to keep your wits about you, do that, no one is preventing you from it. 

If you practice self-care, you will reduce stress and anxiety and feel much better about yourself. Also, it will help you establish healthy boundaries in both work and personal life and it will prevent you from constantly lashing out at people who didn't deserve it, making your relationships much more pleasant. 


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