It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Making Self-Care Effective

selfcareinautumn Making Self-Care Effective
Self Care is a multifaceted process of engaging in activities that promote a healthy functioning in us and enhance our well being. Self Care is completely vital to build resilience towards stressors, which seem to be inevitable in our lives.Looking after our minds and bodies is completely essential in creating a balance, with the aspects available for living the best possible life.


Many of us grow up thinking that it is essential to believe, that we need to suppress our inherent desires, and lead a strict and disciplined life in order to reach our desired goals. In true reality, this is not at all the case. We need not assume that Self Care is a luxury.


It needs to be viewed as a priority. It is essential, to keep the mind, body and spirit, completely in sync, to feel relaxed and easy, and to be able to handle life, from a positive perspective.

Most people feel overwhelmed, tired and ill equipped to handle life's challenges, as they seem to view Self Care as a luxury, and therefore deprive themselves the comfort of a balanced life.


It is important to view, and assess yourself in different domains, so that you can be sure that you are creating the correct balance between mind, body and spirit.

Hitting the gym, once in a while, keeping erratic sleeping hours, eating junk food etc, are all ways of ignoring Self Care. We need to take care of our basic needs in order for Self Care to be effective.


There are various activities we can name under this category. Can be mindful walking, focused breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, meditation, guided imagery. These are to name a few activities that can reduce stress. Aromatherapy, music, art and reading are also all joyous creative activities which can be included in our repertoire. Research has shown that anxiety levels decline while using these various kinds of activities for stress reduction.


This could be a key factor in stress reduction. When we feel better, we inevitably perform better. Hobbies are vital, it could be gardening, painting, singing etc. These are essential in rejuvenating, and putting us back onto track.

Lets look at Self Care activity, in a little more disciplined fashion, so that we can enhance its importance, to our ownselves, and to people around us.


It is important to take of the body in order to keep it on a high efficiency level. Fueling the mind and body is very essential. Physical Self Care includes all aspects of caring for the body.

1. Adequate sleep
2. Enough exercise
3. Correct diet
4. Taking charge of health


Your thought process greatly influences your psychological well being.

Mental self care is about doing things, that keep your mind sharp. It is important to read books, watch movies, do things to inspire your mind.

Practice self compassion, don't be hard on yourself.

1. Be self accepting. 
2. Maintain a healthy inner dialogue.
3. Do enough activity to mentally stimulate you.
4. Do pro active things to stay mentally healthy.


Nurturing your spirit is very important. Religion is really not involved here. It is about developing an inner sense of meaning.
We can have our own personal style of doing it. It could be meditation, prayers, or attending a religious service.


This includes acknowledging and expressing your feelings on a daily basis of functioning. It is important to incorporate emotional Self Care for your emotional health, this also means, you should learn to handle anger, anxiety, guilt etc.


It is also important to cultivate and develop close relationships. A certain amount of time must be devoted to your friends. Try to create optimal social life.


This needs to be developed at a customized level. According to your personal needs, create your own plan. Spend time in caring for yourself and feel joy permeating from within
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