It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Manifest & Multiply by Choosing Your Focus

goddess Artemis Manifest & Multiply by Choosing Your Focus

I love writing blogs based on the weekly Oracle reading. Even though there are typically four cards in a reading sometimes only one jumps out to talk about. This week the glorious Greek goddess Artemis, the virgin goddess of the hunt, really stood out for me. I am an empath and boy can I get distracted by other people’s “stuff”, by too much on my plate, and by social media and news. I have to go on a media diet (kinda like a mental energy cleanse) and stay off the usual suspects especially when I have a creative project in front of me. So when I need to focus, I imagine calling up this goddess energy from within and pretending I am Artemis with my bow and arrow holding it taut, focused on my target. Would Artemis let herself get distracted by other people’s noise? No way she is the queen of the forest, not interested in gossip, in the noise of complaints or the fears accompanying the din of the world. Nope, she picks her target, gets super quiet and waits until the perfect moment. Then, because she is laser sharp in her focus and fully trusts the relationship between what she wants and what becomes possible, she always makes her mark. Rarely does the goddess of the hunt miss.

What we focus on manifests and so if we allow our energy to become too fragmented or distracted we will continue to see and notice and eventually attract more of the same in the outer conditions of our world. If we continue to allow ourselves to be scattered in all directions that energy will multiply until we lose our true selves altogether. This is a fact not a theory.

Artemis, in her wise frugality, represents discipline and training and a sharp focus on achieving the energy of your desired outcome. So this week, I’m going to invite you to do something with me. Ready? Ok! The task at hand is to move out of a distracted state and commit to focusing on what is beautiful in your life. What works already? Who could you inspire? Who inspires you? Can you just focus on those things, on gratitude, creativity, loving others, seeing beauty everywhere, in fact looking for it everywhere? And just for one week, one day at a time bringing your focus to your moment, to each breath, slowing down and being in the beauty. If you get distracted or overwhelmed put a pin in whatever it is and say you’ll come back to it at the end of the week. Drama and chaos can wait! Or if you find yourself in the middle of chaos and can’t do that don’t resist it but commit to being in it but not of it, again, looking only for the beauty- there might be some treasure in the experience!

That’s how the energy of Artemis works. You will manifest more of what you focus on and then that will multiply tenfold when you also give that beauty, that energy, that focused attention and compassion to others. Set your boundaries, stay focused on the good this week and watch the miracles manifest!


Feeling Blessed
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