It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mankind Is Waiting For The Chance to Change

flow The true process of moving into the unknown is a process of rebirth

This is one of my favorite passages in “Flow: The Beginning Is Upon Us” by Jessica Keats.

On The Unknown:  

— The thing about the unknown is that it is unknown. We have no reference for it and there is no way to conceptualize it. When we are headed towards it our minds begin to find logical explanations for it or against it. Our minds envision where we are going and why we are going and then our minds begin to find all the reasons why we shouldn’t go. We get stuck in the reasons we shouldn’t go as these bring up more and more questions and reasons. All of this is a result of our beliefs and patterns of rejection and fear. We reject what we fear so we make up many reasons to fear this unknown possibility.

Many people call the process of moving into the unknown a “breakdown to breakthrough” or “wading through the muck”, but it feels like this only because of our beliefs, fears and stories resisting the natural process of change.

The true process of moving into the unknown is a process of rebirth. It is a shedding of what we have known and an opening to what we are beginning to know. Everything we have done to this point has us ready for this movement, there are no surprises. There is an ebb that occurs in the Flow, a slowing down, a shedding and integrating. There is typically a celestial occurrence that marks it. Once the celestial occurrence has taken place the Flow picks up again and we start to move in the way we are meant to. Our minds are opened and we begin to take note of where we are now, what has changed and who we have become.

Can something be happening just for us? Just for our evolution? The answer is yes, and it can be happening for others at the same time as us. We are never alone as we walk into the unknown. We are always comforted by others going through the same change. We might not know them but they are out there changing alongside us. We are not alone.

On Healers:

— Healers get to the bottom of what ails you. They have been sent during this time with the gifts of being able to see and relieve you of your deepest darkest blocks. They have been sent with the key. The key to unlock the life you were meant to lead. To help release you from your past and let go of what is holding you back. The healers are here to make the transition go smoothly.

In order for this to work the healers must awaken. They must take a step forward. They must tell the world that they are the chosen ones to bring about the change that is needed in you.

Instead of stepping forward, they are getting sick, caught in a roller-coaster of being the one and being afraid of being the one repeatedly. Only the strong win out. Only the brave look for ways to break the cycle and find themselves. Only the determined awaken day after day in search of themselves or others that can help them find The Truth. They are the ones right now searching out cures for their mental, emotional, physical illness. They are the ones learning and soaking up knowledge after knowledge. 

They learn so much, certification after certification, never truly satisfied that they have found the answers they are looking for. In fact, they are clouding their minds with so much unnecessary information that they can’t see past the complexity to the simplest answer. Your heart, your throat and your third eye are the secret. If you can unblock these. Hear, think and feel the right information. Make the right intention being given to you. Whisper the words on your sweet healer lips. You can do away with so much. It is endless. It is powerful. You are powerful. You are the beginning and the end.

All you have to do is turn inwards. Forget everything you have been taught. Come to us with open minds and open hearts. We are there waiting for you. We are there trying to get your attention. We are there begging you to listen, to hear, to follow. Then you can help the world but you must help yourself first because you are not quite at the level, we need you at. We need you to rise and be the healers we have sent you to be. Mankind is waiting for the chance to change and move on to the new way of being that is being rung in by the bells of angels. They can’t do it without you.

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