It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Meditation For Reducing Stress And Finding Spiritual Guidance


I’m still riding the high vibes from an incredible weekend at OraclePalooza Virtual! Every year when we ask participants what they loved most about the event, we get a resounding response of, “The Guided Meditations!” 

Meditation is truly one of the greatest tools that we as humans have available to us for regulating our thoughts and emotions, reducing stress, and finding a sense of peace and groundedness. 

When you begin to meditate regularly, you’ll find that a feeling of groundedness comes more easily to you. 

Instead of being pulled and thrown by every little thing that happens around you, you’ll discover your ability to stay in your center – no matter what is going on around you, returning without as much effort to that center if you find yourself “tossed around”. This is what it feels like to be spiritually grounded. 

I think of this like learning to live in the eye of the storm. Everything can be in chaos and upheaval, but you are connected to a place of inner stillness and calm. Your inner state is no longer dependent on the things happening outside of you. (We’ll explore this concept more in my free workshop next week! Click here to learn more and to get free access.)

Meditation gives us flexibility and resilience to meet life’s ups and downs 

There’s a common myth that the goal in life is to reach a place of balance. 

Personally, I don’t think balance is always the ideal place to be. Life has ups and downs. Currently, we are in a collective time of change and transformation, and we are not in control of what’s happening in the world around us. 

In times like these, balance doesn’t really serve us. Instead, we have to aim to find a place of flexibility, adaptability, and resilience so we can ride the waves with more ease. So we can meet life on life’s terms with grace and maintain a sense of peacefulness. 

As changes happen around us, we can meet them from a place of calm, observing what’s going on with discernment, and cultivating flexibility, responding rather than reacting. 

When things don’t go the way we want them to, we can be resilient and have healthy boundaries with ourselves and our emotional reactions. If we do find ourselves reacting we don’t stay in that state long, and we can recover much more quickly. But, it’s not about repressing or bypassing our feelings, rather we learn to ride the wave of that energy and discover what good could emerge from them. 

Compassion and empathy for others often come from our more challenging experiences. 

It’s important to have flexible boundaries and those boundaries always begin with the self. If you want to work on reducing your stress, you need to begin setting boundaries with yourself and your own thoughts and emotions. When your fight/flight/freeze reactions and inner chatter run the show, you can’t approach your life from a grounded place. 

Using meditation to escape fear-based thinking 

Practicing meditation helps us stay grounded. And when we’re grounded, we can listen deeply. 

Through spending time getting centered and in touch with our inner-selves, we can reach a receptive state where we are able to listen to guidance from the Universe – the little clues and hints that are being shown to us all the time – but that we might miss otherwise.

From that place, you can shift out of always looking for evidence that the thoughts and worries that swirl through your mind are true. Instead of looking for evidence that you’re right to feel afraid, you can get into flow with life and experience true spiritual guidance. 

Escaping the cycle of anxiety and fear-based thinking is just one of the many benefits of meditation. 

The fact is, no matter what we do with our minds, we can’t control our outer world. Things can change on a dime and ultimately, we have no idea what’s going to happen! The last year and a half have been proof of this, and there is more to come. 

When you practice meditation, you can come from a grounded place that allows you to stay in the adventure of discovery – watching life unfold and being brave in the face of fear. Not needing to try and control the things that actually aren’t in your control anyway. 

From a grounded place, you can make more magical choices 

The magic of life and the Universe is all around us. 

Little messages from Spirit are always being sent our way to guide us toward our highest good. But if we’re stuck in fear-based thinking and distracted by our every thought, we can miss out on the magic of life. 

Meditation is a key component of slowing down enough to get into the flow and start living a Spirit-led life that’s full of magic. Because when you’re relaxed, grounded, and centered, you’ll begin naturally making the kind of magical choices that help you move from who you were to who you’ve always desired to be. This is where the benefits of meditation begin to make deep and profound shifts in the course of your life. 

“Slowing down” has become kind of a buzzword these days – something you hear floating around on social media, but often without a concrete description of what this looks like or how to do it. 

If you really want to discover how to slow down in life, you have to begin within yourself. You have to address the mental chatter and come to terms with the places you need to have better boundaries and discipline. Having discipline with your thoughts through a practice like meditation means opening up space for magic in your life. 

You can’t get there from a place of reactivity, fear, and chronic stress or worry. And although there are lots of tools and practices that can support you to become more grounded and aware of the guidance of Spirit, meditation is one of my absolute favorites. 

I’ve meditated almost daily for 35 years ever since early in my spiritual journey and I’ve watched thousands of people transform their lives, get more connected to the Universe, and claim the future they desire by practicing meditation. 

How to begin practicing meditation 

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