Messages From Spirit: how I Discovered Mediumship!

Messages From Spirit: how I Discovered Mediumship!

Connecting with loved ones who have passed to the other side can be an incredibly healing, gratifying, and transformative experience. Lots of people seek out mediums to help them connect with the deceased. But for a long time, I had a hard time accepting myself to be one of those mediums… 

For a large part of the beginning of my career as an intuitive, I denied the idea of mediumship for myself. I thought I was just a very accurate intuitive who could pick up information about people who have crossed but not that I was actually getting the information from the dead themselves. Plus I couldn’t prove it. I can distinctly remember saying, “I don’t talk to dead people.” on more than one occasion. Early on, the connections I made through mediumship came unbidden and usually to my (and my clients’) surprise. I thought it was interesting but just one of those weird buckets of information that would come to me at random – part of my capacity to perceive details of someone instead of receiving directly from the one crossed over. It did make me wonder though, but I fluffed it off. 

I always say that those who reside in the spirit world come of their own accord, in their own time. And over the years, many of them have come to me. It was a winding road to eventually realizing that I was, in fact, talking to dead people. Eventually, it was just undeniable. And now looking back on this journey, it feels like the Universe has given me a great gift. 

As a celebration of this gift from Spirit and the many magical stories I have of messages and visits from the other side, from people and pets, ( yes even pet pigs, hamsters, rats, raccoons, horses, dogs, and cats have things to say!) I’m creating a limited edition podcast called, “I Talk To Dead People.” And today I want to share a little bit of my story of discovering mediumship. 

Denying my Mediumship 

Early in my career as an intuitive, there were countless times where I received messages and communications from the other side, but I wasn’t always sure what they were. This wasn’t something I could seek out, and when I did communicate messages to clients from the deceased, I often felt conflicted about it afterward even if they were amazed.

Since the messages seemed inconsistent at best and far from on demand, I continued to adamantly proclaim, “I don’t talk to dead people.” This was my way of protecting myself in case all of this was just my capacity to know the past, even if it wasn’t in my clients’ personal memory banks. Actually, on more than one occasion someone would call me after their reading to excitedly tell me that everything I said about their great grandmother was true and how did I know that when they didn’t and had to ask their moms? 

But that said, it seemed like every time I wanted to make a particular connection, it wasn’t there. And yet these messages would flood my mind without warning in various interactions. 

Opening up to Mediumship 

Eventually, enough of these experiences built up to the point that I started to believe maybe I was dialoguing with the dead. And yet, I still didn’t consider it my specialty, and I insisted that my readings wouldn’t include messages from the dead. Ha! Humans plan and God laughs.

This worked until one very public event I did for Hayhouse on my first cruise, where I stood on stage in front of 500 people giving intuitive readings and suddenly, I started hearing voices around me and inside my mind. The voices came through with messages of love and started saying the names of people in the audience. One after another, I delivered messages to the members of the audience… 

A very old lady in spirit greeting her 80-year-old granddaughter, a deceased husband comforting his widowed wife with young children… the messages kept rolling in. And after that experience, I could no longer deny what was happening. I knew I had to accept messages from those on the other side. 

I came to consider myself a natural medium since I wasn’t formally trained in the spiritualist churches or taken any courses.  

If you’re curious to hear more of the details of my story and how I discovered mediumship, you can read the full story in my book, Messages from Spirit.

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