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Messages That Are Heaven Scent!

applepie Messages That Are Heaven Scent!

There are many different types of symbols and messages that those in Spirit can send us. One of the more common ways our loved ones can communicate with us is through our sense of smell. Scents have an amazing power to vividly bring back memories that we may have long forgotten. When we smell a freshly baked apple pie, it may bring up loving memories of a grandmother, or the smell of the ocean could conjure up memories of happy days spent on your dad’s boat.

Stop and think for a minute right now what scents bring back special memories for you. Mine would have to be the aroma of my mom’s Italian cooking, which brings back memories of Mom giving us samples as she cooked.

All too often, these signs are quite subtle. For example, if your dad used to smoke cigars in his lifetime and one day for no reason, you smell cigar smoke, don’t be alarmed. Obviously, check that there’s no one in the house actually smoking a cigar. If not, then it might be your dad’s way of saying, “I just wanted to let you know that I’m here with you.”

During one of my winter lectures about recognizing communications from the Other-Side, a young woman in the audience raised her hand. “My mom passed away a few years ago. She was always working in her garden and her neighbors all admired her spectacular flowers. In fact, she won a number of ribbons for her roses.”

Then this young woman told us that on the anniversary of her mom’s passing a few days before this event, she woke up to find her entire house filled with the sweet smell of roses.

I asked her to come up on stage. As I placed her face in my hands and looked into her tearful eyes, I asked her, “Darling, so what do you think that was?”

I thought the answer was almost a given, but what she said next surprised me.

“I just thought it was the Glade Air Freshener coming in from one of my neighbors!”

Trying not to embarrass her, I replied: “You mean to tell me that on the anniversary of your mom’s passing—a woman known for her prize roses—your whole house fills with the scent of roses during a snowstorm! You honestly think that an air freshener could travel from one house to another, through two sets of double glazed storm windows and fill your house with that smell?”

“Well, John, I didn’t know what else to think,” she said, still struggling with her belief in communications from the Other-Side. I just gave her a huge hug.

“That was most likely your mom saying, I’m here with you today and I love you so very much,” I said. She walked off stage with a smile that radiated through the entire auditorium, clearly beginning to believe that this was a clear gift from her mom.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                                                                  

It’s fascinating to me how often we try to rationalize every experience. Not everything is explainable, especially when we’re talking about the ways our loved ones send us validations. I genuinely believe that those on the Other-Side, given the chance, will never miss a good party!

So remember, just because their soul is no longer in a physical body, doesn’t mean they’re not stopping by once in awhile to let you know that they still care. Have you received a message through a familiar scent from a loved one who passed? If so, please share your story on my Facebook page or, you can always phone into my Spirit Connections radio show.

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