Mindful and Spiritual Travel Are More Essential Now Than Ever


Visiting sacred sites, studying sacred mythology, meeting new people abroad, and learning from spiritual teachers are all factors driving people into spiritual travel.

You see, ever since stay-at-home orders went into place due to COVID-19, people have been waking up to their need for more meaningful connections and experiences.

Even Deepak Chopra predicts the future of wellness travel after COVID. His verdict?

Chopra says people are looking for a reconnection to existence. From exploring nature to seeking wellness travel, people yearn to form meaningful social connections as well as connections to why they’re alive.

Chopra even predicts people will begin seeking out spiritual sites more and more. 

What is spiritual travel exactly? 

Let’s define spiritual travel as a way to adventure abroad for the purpose of growing the soul. This has been a mission of ours since 2003. 

A quick trip to our homepage, and you’ll read how we harness the power of “some of the world’s most magical and transformative sacred places” and the “teachings, ceremonies, and healing practices” in order to help our pilgrims with their mental and spiritual transformation. 

The growing popularity of our journey leader Freddy Silva (just to name one) serves as a testament to the growing demand for such teachings derived from various ancient civilizations. Freddy is in high demand for our journey to Peru known as Welcome to Portals of Peru with Freddy Silva

Puma Quispe Singona, who leads our Heart of the Pachamama, also located in Peru, is a powerful Andean medicine man who is popular for his remote ceremonies and talks on his Facebook page, a true boon for seekers during COVID times. 

Puma and Freddy are two among many sacred tour leaders who put the “sacred” in “sacred travel” (if you will). 

Another good place to land when seeking mindful travel inspiration is sacredsites.com. This is photographer Martin Gray’s World Pilgrimage Guide. It contains his thorough photography collection of sacred temples, pyramids, and other sites he’s collected over the years. 

You can find a map on his site that pins all of the places of peace and power he’s photographed around the world. 

Why travel is good for the soul

We aren’t born only to work, accumulate material wealth, and then die. Many are awakening to the idea that we’re here for our soul’s growth, or hero’s journey, on the planet. 

Many are wondering how to go on spiritual journeys, whether that be within or on a physical level, to transcend personal limitations. 

Travel is good for the soul because it’s symbolic of the inner journey of transformation. Think about it!

When we travel, we leave the comfort of the “known” to enter the realm of the “unknown.” We knowingly undergo uncertainty to make it happen. We do so because, at the end of it all, it makes us stronger, more confident, and more able. 

Travel is a plunge, and using travel to explore various types of spirituality calls us even deeper out of our comfort zones. Thus, we can safely call spiritual travel the most ideal form of travel — and the form of travel that is more essential now than ever. 

Our prediction is that post-COVID, people will be seeking meaning in various areas of their life. This search will extend into travel experiences on an unprecedented level. Wanderlust has been ignited on a mass level.

It’s no secret that we were all given time to slow down and ask what’s important during various stay-at-home orders worldwide. Dealing with illness, job loss, and other difficulties proved challenging, of course. But these challenges brought us into the mythological “underworld,” a place to feel affliction as a transformational, rather than debilitating, force. 

It’s ironic how we’ve awakened to the idea of a life full of adventure during a time when travel restrictions are rampant for better or worse. Regardless, in the coming future, we’re likely to see an uptick of people traveling to go hiking in nature, visit India travel destinations, or to see the Great Pyramids of Giza

How to go on spiritual journeys

The answer to this will be different for various people. It might look like a consistent morning meditation and movement practice. For others: simple day trips to local nature spots. Some people desire a  full-blown spiritual journey abroad. In that case, you may wish to look into booking a journey with us. 

To reiterate, a spiritual journey can look like a number of inner practices or outer explorations. It’s really whatever you put your mind to in order to grow on a mental and spiritual level.

As Deepak Chopra explains, people are simply looking for a reconnection to existence. And they’re doing so in the form of seeking out various types of spirituality.

Teachers like Freddy Silva, Andrew Harvey, Phil Cousineau, and Puma Quispe Singona are helping us remember that there exists ancient traditions with extensive knowledge in personal transformation and universal connection. 

It’s time we embark on the soul’s quest for growth, making mindful and spiritual travel more essential now than ever.

~Jacob Lopez, staff writer

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