It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindful Manifestation

lostinthought Mindful Manifestation

Are you a mindful manifestor? 

Do you take responsibility for the way you react to life’s adventures? 

Do you know you co-create reality between two essential truths?

The power to deliberately create reality lies with the right use of imagination and mind combined with a surrendered faith in a Higher Power.

There will be times when you will have to surrender to life on life’s terms, to admit there is a great mystery that will dash your desires to the rocks once in a while but if you hang in there you’ll see and experience wondrous miracles as long as you don’t take on an identity of victim.

It’s easy to think life happens to us. What if it happens for us?

Yes, even the really crappy stuff. Yes, the other shoe you’re so freaked out about dropping…might really drop! Yet there are miracles hidden in the darkest places. And it’s our job to find them.

And our attitude is so important. If I let fear lead—what a surprise—more fear. If I step into life with gratitude and high on hope—magic slippers are mine. Let it rain shoes! I’ll build a new closet or trade out the old ones!

I was first introduced to all of this new way of thinking via a wonderful old woman who was honestly my first real spiritual advisor and mentor. I met her when I was in drug and alcohol rehab 34 years ago. Her name was Marguerite and she reminded me of Aunt Clara from the TV show Bewitched—a slightly forgetful immensely compassionate and hilarious magical woman. Marguerite was kind and colorful and eccentric—always wore a muumuu in bright colors and always gave me cookies and tea when I visited to learn about all things spiritual (now that I was clean and sober) and trying to understand the “meaning of life.”

I loved her and she accepted me as is. She called me her exotic bird and, trust me, in my early recovery I was more freak than exotic. I needed love and she opened her heart. She was the mom I always wanted.

We were talking one afternoon about my circumstances. I had left home but still felt obliged to my family. My parents had lost everything and were very poor and barely living off the sale of the collectibles they had accumulated so they could pay the bills. My sister and I were helping best we could, but it wasn’t enough. My dad was 80 and suffering from dementia and my mom cried every time I spoke to her about how everything was getting worse and worse. The bank had taken our family home, my mom was earning $8 an hour at a dress shop, and I had some serious doubts about whether life was fair.

And to be honest, I was not getting how my thinking could help me out of this frightening mess. Fear wove its way into our lives and took us all hostage. I was so afraid of losing whatever meager thing I earned at the time I put all my money in a safety deposit box rather than in an actual account! What if “they came?” and took it away? It will be always be raining bad news.

Marguerite in her wisdom listened for a bit then promptly gave me two books that to this day I still go back to when I need a reminder of how the small human mind aligned with the Great Mind could be so powerful.

The books were Positive Imaging by Norman Vincent Peale and The Dynamic Laws of Prayer by Catherine Ponder. Whenever I wanted to go on and on about my victim story she would give me something to read in these books until I got the message. If I could be mindful of how I use my imagination and mind and put them to positive use, as a repetitive ritual, really cultivating a relationship to God, eventually the outer conditions of my life would change. They would reflect the consistent frequency of positive thought I was thinking. As I think so shall my life be.

She said simply, “Give it a go. What have you got to lose?”

Of course, she was right. Now over 30 years later, I’m still working the universal laws as I learned them from these books and more. I practice spiritual principles, keep my focus on the outcome I desire for the highest good, say thank you in advance while surrendering my fears and letting go control of the form reality is supposed to take (according to my wants that is ha!).  And most importantly expecting good to come out of the world, out of people, through me and for me.

It was and still is hard work but worth it.

I’m where I am now because I refused to see the conditions of my life as the source of my supply. Money or the obvious lack of opportunity (especially back then when I literally had no idea how I would live week to week) directly in my view was not the right lens to look through and view life’s potential.

I learned Spirit was the source of my supply and my job was to keep my thinking mindful and clear. I also discovered how important it is to stay connected to Spirit, open to receive and be willing to trust that if I kept acting as if all was well, it would be eventually.

What I have today is intangible and you can’t buy or sell it. It has no status and yet it lends me such power although you might not notice it. Today I run my life on Gratitude and an unerring faith in a Power greater than myself that has opened a portal to miracles and extraordinary things, all found in ordinary life.

The greatness within you and me is only a thought away, a prayer away, a step away.

Perspective and perception is everything really.

Did my new thinking change my parents’ circumstances? Unfortunately not but I was able to show up differently, be more compassionate, present and accepting without resentment. That alone was worth more than anything.

One thing I can promise you, once you really get that you have a co-pilot in Spirit (a manifesting partner that is always there) life will stop being a series of random bumps and self-run riot collisions with shoes dropping everywhere you turn.

I don’t mind them so much anymore. Trust me, when you begin thinking and acting this way life will really begin to feel like an adventure.

Would love to hear from you if any particular book influenced you when you began this journey? What did you learn from it? Why did you love it?

Ok now it’s your turn.., leave a comment, I love to read them! 


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