It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Mindfully Manifest a New Beginning

mindfulmeditation Mindfully Manifest a New Beginning

Most of you know, if you’ve been following my blogs, that we lost my husband’s father recently. If anything forces you to stay in the now, it’s this kind of loss. Everything stands still as you take stock after the shock, even before the arrangements, etc. there is this sense of being suspended in time. For me, as I have lost both my parents and now my second dad, I know it’s a precious moment that is filled with gratitude and heartbreaking love, breaking open to appreciation and reverence for all life and for the Spirit that is inherent in all things. You don’t have to lose anything to find that spot, you can enter it through mindfulness meditation and then by choosing to be aware and awake to both inner and outer conditions. 

I heard someone on the radio in an interview saying that we’ve ushered in the Age of Anxiety and I know that is true so it’s even more important to gently discipline ourselves to remain in the moment and in 24 hours. I think the mind is like an unruly puppy some days that needs some gentle and loving house training. 

This is not in any way some new age balderdash of bypassing what is important. Nothing pisses me off more than the snake oil of “happy joyous and free all day every day all the time.” Some days life takes work and it hurts like hell and we have to show up for it as best we can, and yes, also do your part in co-creating and attracting the miracles…That is true too. All of it this and that is true, not just the good stuff. 

Our presence, our attention, gets distracted when we’re too anxious and always seeing everyone and everything as a potential threat or “other.” This takes work and effort and no, we might not get it right every time, but at least we can try and commit to it one day at a time. I am still touched by how my father-in-law was so committed to meeting in the middle. 

New beginnings are possible each day. It’s up to us how we will handle such a precious gift. 

For today, I wish you a beautiful 24 hours, remember not to take the world too personally, and even if the shadows beckon, only good will come of it if you can learn to see the blessings. Gather your people and tell them you love them. Love is precious!!! 

I know you could be reading anyone’s blogs, thank you for being here for mine. All my love and affection!


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