It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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"Need Some Healing Light?"

japanese-zen-garden-with-three-candle-lights-in-row-at-blue-picture-id976569880 "Need Some Healing Light?"

Every evening for many years, I continue with this little ritual that I’d like to share. Although it’s quite simple, I find it’s really powerful to have an intended thought powered by light. The simple act of lighting a candle every night for me reminds me that all thought has power, and keeping a candle lit safely for a while helps me to send and keep positive thoughts on a desired intention.

Candles have been used since the dawn of time for meditations, blessings, spiritual and religious ceremonies, healings, prayers, celebrations, abundance, psychic development, to feel comforted and protected, to hold the memory of a loved one, and yes … even romance! The uses are endless.

Many people choose candles by scent, some choose by color, while others are simply fine with a plain candle, or even a tea light in a votive purchased from a dollar store. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. No matter what you choose, it’s the positive use of the candle that makes it special.

Every day people use candles in a positive way without even knowing it. Ask yourself: “How many times have you blown out a candle on a birthday cake?” What you’re actually doing is that when you close your eyes to make a wish (holding that special thought) and then blowing out the candle, is that you’re actually sending off the wish while bringing your desires to light.

When my mom was ill, every night I would light a white candle and would take a moment to focus on my mom, and I’d use the energy of light to send her healing and peace. It was a reminder to place a positive thought on her health as opposed to envisioning her being sickly. I’m not sure if it was the candle, the light, prayers, or the thoughts, but she did have many good days before she passed.

I find that candles keep me connected to my soul and to the Divine, as a special reminder that we’re never alone. That’s why if I can, no matter whether I’m demonstrating mediumship, I’ll always have a candle burning to remind me that Spirit is there!

JOHN'S TIPS on the Power of Intention

If you've never used candles for the power of intention, how about trying it for a week or two? Maybe it will become an every day ritual for the rest of your life that you’ll enjoy, and hopefully enjoy the benefits.

Many people start off by using a specific color: White for Spirit or protection, red for strength, pink for romance, and green for abundance. It doesn’t really matter what color you choose as long as it has a special meaning for you.

If you’ve never used a candle for meditation, then I encourage you to try it. By focusing on a candle flame, it can take you deep within yourself. If your mind begins to wander, then simply focus once again on the flame to bring you back to your meditation.

It is said that, “Some people are drawn to light, while others emanate it.” If you know someone who could use healing and light in their life right now, light a candle for them as you send them your thoughts.

Light can illuminate even the darkest of places or situations, so give it a try and keep the faith and know, not just how powerful light and positive intention is, but how magnificent and special you truly are!

Live a Soul-filled life!

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