It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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New Life

planting-tree-on-green-globe-for-arbor-day-world-environment-and-csr-picture-id961077862 New Life

Do you know how much Spirit loves you? How the Divine Consciousness (Quantum Fred, God, The Dude, Mary and/or whoever else you name Divine) sees you as a spark of its own Infinite Unlimited Potential? That you are definitely not here as a mistake, that your dreams are most important and that your desire for a purposeful new life are sacred?

You’re not being punished or threatened just because transformation is painful.

Just like birthing a baby, we are at an overly prolonged crowning stage and yes let’s all say OUCH together!

Here is what I know today more than ever as I myself have stepped into a more authentic version of myself. Resistance is futile. Have courage and jump in and you will honestly find that if you let go of what’s not working, and you will see this change is magical!


You must feel this chaos at some level within you that mirrors the astrologers’ take on how the planets are teaching us about transformation.

At whatever level you’re being called to, there is a “squeeze”, a kind of invisible tension forcing us to carve away the parts of us that don’t serve our highest version of ourselves, and of course the whole. For some it means a complete overhaul that feels like a psychic demolition and others – not so much, maybe more like a slight paring down and polishing but no matter where you’re at in the birthing stages change is not something you can bargain away.

We can’t wait for the outside world to settle down, to be certain, to be quiet and peaceful, to be steady or to be built on the cleanliness of truth or integrity. We can’t wait to feel like the world is a place we can have purpose and experience prosperity only once it presents as stable.

Every one of us needs to stop looking outside at the structures that we built on our past selves and welcome in something new.

I know I sound like a broken record. But it’s TRUE.

Try this mantra: The Old has the Mold and the New is what’s TRUE … repeat as often as necessary.

We are building new foundations on courage, compassion, commitment, and creativity.

Yes, there is grieving. This week consider how you’ve clung to the old version of yourself and how it’s served you and how it isn’t anymore. Each mask was there to protect you. There is a sadness in the loss of the familiar. Choosing the unknown means we have to give up our need for certainty. We need the courage to do this.

We need compassion for ourselves and others since we’re all half-baked right now. We might stumble, make mistakes, revert back to the familiar.

Commit to your dream. Take a step towards it like you mean it.

If you do what you did you’ll get what you got right? So do something completely different!

A creative solution is what’s needed now and all we need to resonate with that is to be willing to choose something else. The solution seems to appear as if by magic, or as I mentioned in one of my previous blogs like Joseph Campbell says “one step towards the gods and they take ten towards you.”

Sounds ridiculously simple and it is.

So have faith my darlings, we are in this together and we’re all creating the world anew like a giant ART project.

Here are some questions to answer for yourself this week.

  1. What do I need courage for, and how can I practice it daily?
  2. When do I consider fear, resistance, denial, stubbornness, poverty consciousness and/or rigidity my go-to certainty?
  3. What do I need to believe to live a life I respect?
  4. What is one thing I can do this week to commit to my dream?
  5. What does compassion for myself, and others look like and how can I practice this one day at a time?
  6. How can I practice faith that a creative solution will be given me. Hint how can I get out of my own way, and listen with my intuition and heart?

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