It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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New Moon Intentions for Open-Hearted Connections

heartshapedhands New Moon Intentions for Open-Hearted Connections

This week on Saturday we have a New Moon in the sign of Libra, which is a cosmic invitation by this moon to plant the seeds of harmony, gratitude, and goodwill in all our relationships.

I always like to look at the week just before the New Moon as the one to start considering what I need to be open to, and what wants or needs to be born within me or in my outer life. So in preparation for the New Moon in Libra, this week really is an invitation to start over, to open your heart even if it’s been bruised and its a reminder to celebrate Love (and know that LOVE truly is the answer).

My father-in-law crossed over last week on his 94th birthday and so I think about what I learned from him about unconditional love and acceptance. He was very conservative in his religious beliefs and one would have expected that he’d not be able to accept me with the kind of work I do, as anything metaphysical is considered taboo and a big no-no. Instead, he welcomed me with open arms and loved me without one block of the hardcore dogma wall of separation that could have prevented that love, and I adored him. He was such an important teacher for me. There is always somewhere in the middle one can meet the “other” and that is the place of love and curiosity. I am now and will always be immensely grateful for this special relationship.

This New Moon offers all of us a new beginning to bring a more graceful approach to relationships with others. This means all others, not just romantic partnerships. If we have been addicted to approval from others, fearful of confrontation, or seeking harmony to dispel anxiety and fear rather than find a true solution, we have already seen how this disempowers everyone in the dynamic. If we allow ourselves to be bullied, we lose, and if we fight without being willing to listen, we lose too. I’m not even talking about other people here, we can do all this to ourselves too, in our own minds! Ever argued with your wounded self, or try to shut it down? Love, compassion, and kindness is the way, the first step, the relief.

Libra is all about partnerships and balance. Now is the time to bring something positive and loving to the world. This New Moon invites us first to intend the grace of self-healing, self-awareness of the ways in which we’ve survived by trying to manipulate the world to stay safe. Then we can set an intention to be that person who can be in a relationship without fear, and without sacrificing oneself for peace, or shutting the world out to avoid being vulnerable. That can be achieved when there is a win-win for all. I know it works and ya it’s hard sometimes to trust the process, but so well worth it.

I have a New Moon reading to share with you and to help you invite the energy of the New Moon into your life in a practical way. You can wait until the actual New Moon to do it, or start today. This reading can help you understand what you need to do, change, and commit to as you set new intentions in motion.

Card 1- What do I need to do in order to achieve true harmony in my relationships?
Card 2- What do I need to change in myself in order to maintain a healthy sense of self when engaging with others?
Card 3- What am I in denial about when considering my relationships with others?
Card 4- What can I do to course-correct for the highest good of all.
Card 5- In order to see my intention for an empowered way to be with others come to life what do I need to focus on for the highest good?

I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what are you grateful for this month as we step into a time of starting over. What are your intentions?

With Love and Blessings for the New Moon!


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