Nothing Is Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So

Nothing Is Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So

When I was going through my Dark Night of the Soul, I met with many professionals. My intention in meeting with them was twofold:

(1) Establish a support structure

(2) Gather perspective and guidance beyond my own perception

I recall meeting with one very highly specialized psychologist, and he asked me:

“How do you see what’s happening to you? What’s the story you tell yourself?”

Given what I was going through, I could have told a pretty sorry story. A tale of woe, pain, anxiety, and fear. It was so bad that I felt like a zombie because I wasn't eating enough nor sleeping well for days and weeks on end. 

(and that’s putting it mildly)

But that wasn’t what I said. I was in a very dark space, and although I had hope, I didn’t have any idea how that hope would manifest.

My reply was short and simple:

“Things are being put in their rightful places.”

Kind of an odd response to such a traumatic and horrifying situation. And yet, it was profound because it showed that I was living one of the most important principles of personal transformation:

Choosing our thoughts, words and stories.

The words we use are powerful. That’s because it’s fundamentally important that we choose and use words that support the reality we choose to live in and create.

Similarly, the stories we tell ourselves are powerful. They literally write the reality we live in, and I’m not talking metaphysically. I’m talking biologically.

Our brain neurons literally contain and transfer the stories of our lives, both factual stories and emotional stories. Therefore, when we change our internal stories we actually change our biochemistry – and that changes how we perceive the world and how we act.

In other words (pardon the pun!), as Shakespeare once wrote:

"Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Next time you're faced with a difficult, or even traumatic event, try to remind yourself that no matter how bad it gets... 

Remember what A Course In Miracles says:

"I can choose to see things differently. I can choose to see peace instead of this."

Easier said than done, yet so powerful when you do.

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