One Light, Many Reflections – The Sun Does Not Apologize

pexels-pixabay-209807-Sunshine_B One Light, Many Reflections – The Sun Does Not Apologize

I write one page at a time, with only one to five words per line. The structure can look like poetry but has more to do with the physical limitations of a handwritten page and my desire to emphasize multiple meanings. My Page poems are a combination of sketch pad and journal.

The history and method of my writing process can be found in my article How I Wrote Three Thousand Pages Without Trying


    "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein

    "The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply." Kahlil Gibran

    “Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.” Jon Franklin

I like to limit my writings to one page with one idea, but my favorite achievement is to distill short meaningful sayings. I have selected a few quotes from my 2014 volumes for you to savor here. Try having three or four breaths between reading each quote to contemplate and expand the meaning to yourself.

“Unconditional love is really, all inclusive love” Will Hale 1-12-14

“What is Sacred is not secret it is safe.” Will Hale

“That which you adore, does not need to be changed.” Will Hale 5-24-14

“Darkness can never see the light.” Will Hale 10-22-14

“I give everyone the benefit of their potential.” Will Hale

“The sun does not retreat. Once light is created it cannot stop itself from shining.” Will Hale 9-27-14

“The sun does not apologize for its brilliance.” Will Hale 6-22-14

“The magic of life comes from what you trust, not what you know.” Will Hale 4-16-15

“I know more than most and that is too much.” Will Hale 2014

“The willingness of others does not reflect my worthiness.” Will Hale 5-30-14

“Healing is not about being worthy, it’s all about being willing.” Will Hale 12-2-2007

“Forgiveness without gratitude is incomplete forgiveness.” Will Hale 2014

I write from observation, not imagination. The premier of my deepest insights will continue to be posted here in SoulSpring, please subscribe to my blog and you can be the first to read highlights from my upcoming collection ONE LIGHT, MANY REFLECTIONS.

Which quote resonates most with you? What ideas arise related to your life experience?

Please send a note if you are interested in collaborating with me on One Light, Many Reflections projects. Feel free to connect anytime for any reason. Thank you! Will Hale

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