Open To The Universe By Integrating Your 7 Energies


When you start to strengthen your relationship to Spirit, you start to see the connections in all things. 

The connection between you and Mother Earth…

The connection between you and other humans…

…And the connection WITHIN yourself. 

The seven energies you contain within are discrete, sacred centers, linked to seven different story themes every human experiences throughout your life. These energies are integrated as well as separate, all part of the totality of your life’s story — the way you think, how you make your life choices, and what you encounter within yourself — as well as the conditions of your world as you journey forward. 

While I talk about the energies as separate, they are all part of a single, integrated system, just as we as individuals are separate, yet part of the Collective. 

When you work with these energies, you operate at two levels simultaneously: The individual and the whole. When you strengthen one, you strengthen the entire system. Each is independent and interdependent. 

Looking at each of the energies individually enables you to understand their importance, the related story, and how each impacts the whole. (If this interests you, there’s still time to join my FREE 7 Energies Challenge, going on right now!)

What are the Seven Energies?

Energy 1

Represented by the color red, the first energy is the foundation, Earth. It is a story about your family, your body, your security, and your money. It is the foundation of you here in the material world. When your first energy center is out of alignment, you can feel threatened, anxious, and worried. Your related stories may be about lack, about fear, about external (or internal) threats. When balanced, though, you feel grounded and secure. 

Energy 2

Water is the key element of your second energy, which is orange in color. Its themes are connection, intimacy, desire, pleasure, and feelings, as well as setting boundaries. When this energy is misaligned, you can feel guilty or wrong for having wants and desires of your own, and you can believe the story that you have no right to say “No.” When balanced, Energy 2 brings a feeling of self-respect.  

Energy 3

Your third energy, Fire, is the seat of your personal power, your will, your identity, assertiveness and your vitality. Extreme states of joy, anger, and transformation can accompany this energy. When out of balance in this energy, you have a story that you can’t be yourself, or that you must conform because who you are isn’t okay. When this energy is aligned, you feel accepted and whole. 

Energy 4

Your fourth energy center is green and represents Love. Its key concepts are compassion, love, community, forgiveness, and wholeness. When misaligned, you may have a story that you are undeserving of love. But when in harmony, you can claim a new story of self-worth and self-forgiveness, which then carries over to everyone else.


Energy 5

Communication, creativity, listening, sharing, and being heard all reside in your fifth energy, which is sky blue in color and is represented by the element of Sound. If you feel that you must be silent, or that you don’t have a right to express yourself, you may be telling yourself a story that comes from an imbalance in this energy. When this energy is balanced, you’ll see that you are a unique expression of the Divine, with a right to speak, be heard, and hear others.

Energy 6

This energy center is purple and represents the element and dimension of Light. The sixth energy is your center of intuition, vision, imagination, knowing, and perceiving. When this energy center is out of calibration, your beautiful imagination can make up stories full of threats, and it puts you on high alert — all in service of protecting yourself from a non-existent enemy! But moving to alignment allows you to see potential outside perceived limitations and co-create a new world. 

Energy 7

This golden-white energy, representing the dimension of Higher Thought, is the center of spirituality, liberation, God consciousness, understanding, and wisdom. This is where you make your unique and purposeful connection to Spirit, your higher power, God, whatever name you use. When you’re experiencing imbalance in your seventh energy, though, you are blind to your Divine connection and don’t see how magical you are. Instead, you may believe stories that put you in the role of a victim rather than a co-creator, that you have to do everything all by yourself forgetting your inherent partnership with Spirit. When you realign this energy, you sense your own Divine essence and the divinity in all of life. 

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