Open Your Heart and Share Your Light with the World

light There is no need to hide anymore

For many, this is the Season of Light, a time of joy and celebration, a season for appreciation and giving.

For my family, Christmas can’t come soon enough and we’ve already begun sitting together in the evenings, taking turns choosing our favorite holiday songs to sing. I especially love “Silent Night.”

One of my teammates celebrated Diwali with her family the middle of last month, and another is beginning to prepare for the eight days of Chanukkah, her family’s traditional festival of lights.

Another member of our team is a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles which says, “Each of us is the light of the world, and by joining our minds in this light we proclaim the Kingdom of God together and as one.” (ACIM, T-6.II.13:5)

Looking at light more secularly, in just a few short weeks, the days here in my part of the world will grow longer, giving us more daylight to enjoy nature walks and other daytime activities.

Whether we think about Light spiritually or secularly, the very nature of this season seems to provoke a desire and a willingness to be more openhearted and in service to the world.

My guess is that everyone reading this note from me today is on their own inner journey. And maybe you feel, like I do, that the personal journey is of little value if we don’t extend our hearts beyond a sense of internal well-being.

The global awakening that is Here Now is our opportunity to rise above any doubts we may have had and venture past any fears that once held us back.

There is no need to hide from our Light anymore. Indeed, it is our time to share our Light with the world. 

As I’ve often said, this is not about being perfect…

Or even excellent. It’s about being devoted to the overall mission of planetary awakening, conscious evolution, and helping to create a flourishing world.

We’re living in a time of connectivity like never before. News from one side of the world reaches us in an instant. And videos go viral, reaching millions upon millions of people in the time it takes to snap your fingers.

Some of what reaches us is disturbing. Or annoying. Or downright agitating. And as the human beings that we are, we may react with a kind of “pushing against” that which disturbs. 

But those of us who are on a spiritual journey know that this kind of response simply generates more of the same and eventually the annoyance will boomerang back to us.

The service work that we’re called upon to do is one of alchemy and healing. We can not deny that polarity is unfolding. But once we allow ourselves to cycle through the reactive response of pushing against, we can then turn toward the Light that is both within and without. 

We can listen to our hearts, and in that state of communion with the Divine, we will know what to do next. We will be energized, open, and willing to extend Love even further than we thought possible.

We who are on this path of interconnection and awakening are the arms, heart, and lungs of the Divine. With our willingness, It moves through us with ease and grace, requiring no effort on our part.

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your arms lovingly embracing those who have ideas in opposition to your own. Feel your heart opening to those whose hearts seem to be closed. And take a deep breath on behalf of those who are frightened or lonely.

We are here to open our hearts and share our Light with those who’ve lost faith or who are confused or fearful. I hope you’ll join with me during this season and beyond, for together in Love, we will change the world.



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