Opening to the Experience of Causeless Bliss

Opening to the Experience of Causeless Bliss - Dr. Margaret Paul

How often do you feel filled with inner peace, joy, and love – apparently for no reason? There is a reason, but it's not about anything external that's happening. For me, I have this wonderful experience when I am very connected with spirit and in deep surrender to my guidance. This wonderful, blissful energy of love, inner peace, and joy fills my being to overflowing. At these times, I can't stop smiling. Love pours out unendingly, and everything makes me giggle. Things that are not particularly funny to others strike me as hysterical and I laugh until my stomach aches. It is the very best feeling in the world! Sometimes I’m laughing and I have no idea what I am laughing at! I feel so blissful, joyful, and peaceful at these times!

This is causeless love, causeless joy, causeless inner peace – causeless bliss.

It is called "causeless" because it is not attached to anything in the world.

It is not about something good happening, not about an event or about a person. It is not about getting something like approval or attention or money. It is not about winning or achieving or how you look.

It is causeless in the terms of the world, but it is certainly not causeless in terms of God. In fact, it IS God. It is the experience of God within that occurs when we completely surrender our control and open to the love, peace, joy, truth, and wisdom that IS God. It is the state of bliss that occurs when love is our highest priority, and when we are fully present in faith and filled with gratitude for our life and for all we have. At those moments, we are within God and God is within us. We are one with God. Nothing is better than this experience!

Happiness is different...

Happiness is the momentary experience of something good happening externally, but our society doesn’t understand the difference between happiness and joy. We think we will be happy when we find the right relationship or the right job. We will be happy when we have enough money or enough love from someone we value. We will be happy when we live in our dream house, have our dream car, have children, or lose weight. Yes, for the moment. For a week or two. And then what?

I can tell you from having had all these things that the happiness that comes from having these things is nothing compared with the joy and inner peace I feel when I experience oneness with God. There is just nothing that comes close to it. Over the years of practicing Inner Bonding, I now experience this most of the time. This is how I know that Inner Bonding really works!

It's so simple yet not at all easy. It is not easy to let go of control over others and outcomes.

It is not easy to truly open to what is in our highest good instead of trying to manifest our own agenda. It is not easy to focus on loving action for ourselves and toward others, instead of trying to get love, avoid pain, and feel safe. It's not always easy to be present with gratitude and faith. But as challenging as it is, there is no experience in life that comes close to the inner peace and joy you will feel when you have surrendered your individual will to the will of your higher guidance.

I know that when I am not in this joy, I am thinking or behaving in ways that are not in alignment with my soul. Through Inner Bonding, I can discover where I am off base, what the truth is, and what the loving action is. Once I get this and take the loving action, I am back in the experience of causeless inner peace and joy. I am back in the light.

If you bring Inner Bonding into your daily life, you will get there. Is there anything in life more important than this?

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