It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Oracle Card Readings – Not to Predict but to Help You Shift

shift Oracle Card Readings – Not to Predict but to Help You Shift

This week I was inspired to choose an Oracle Card to point me in a direction of what to share with you and from the Enchanted Map deck, I picked the card Education.

So with this in mind, I asked myself what I might offer you as something to learn this week.

Since I just finished creating the new amazing Oracle Card 101 course this week, (Most awesome one I might add!) how to get the most out of working with Oracle Cards are foremost on my mind.

So I’m sure if you’re reading this you also watch the weekly Oracle Card Guidance and Lesson as well as pull cards from my website for free (and hopefully own your own decks!) and I bet that once in a while you might get a “WTF- HUH?” reading that freaks you out because it a) may seem to have nothing at all to do with your question, and/or b) the cards are all upside down, or you think they imply fear, disappointment, or you interpret you’re going to get a visit from a boogeyman who might sabotage your plans. EEK!

Here is an essential tip for when you work with my Oracle Cards. They were all created (all of my decks, that is, as I can only speak for the ones I have created) to reflect the dominant energy and frequency that you are putting out into the world today right now.

Imagine your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are like seeds you’re planting in The Field! Oracle Cards essentially point to seeds and the weeds.

It reminds me of a plant called Horsetail that took over our entire garden in Sedona, Arizona. I remember thinking how beautiful they looked when they first showed up. The plant was sort of like a beautiful thinner version of bamboo, but then within a month it was everywhere choking out all the other pretty plants I had planted. We had to get the gardener to come and pull them all out but then every once in a while when we weren’t looking -kabam there it was again!

We had to be vigilant to notice the signs of the first batch before it would spread like a destructive wildfire.

So when you get a reading that seems to give you a warning as if from nowhere, it is an invitation to look within at your own inner dialog that you might be ignoring. When faced with new situations, you may well be afraid of the unknown and have a default setting of an expectation of disappointment, being hurt or even failure.

Remember the subconscious is an automatic pilot that is set to remind you of what you already know! The cards will mirror these patterns not only to predict them, but to help you shift your energy to be receptive and curious for something new and different. They do this by pointing out the inner weeds that need tending to. It’s so important to remember that there is no such thing as absolute determinism when looking at the future, but if you plant a weed and let it do its thing I guarantee you it will spell trouble. 

My Oracle Cards always invite us to look within and know what we’re projecting unawares into the world when we most need to make a shift. So yes, if you keep expecting to be disappointed, well then the outer world will eventually mirror that to you.

You might, for example, be searching for “The One”. You’ve had many of them already that failed, starting with your first heartbreak or bad parenting, etc., you might be afraid of intimacy even though you want it so badly. So this becomes your dominant energy even though you say you’re focused on manifesting a loving relationship. You’re sprinkling some weed seeds, honey! One more clunker on its way!

The thing is you might not be consciously aware of this at all.

Hence the beauty of working with Oracle Cards as they act as a magic mirror to reveal the hidden workings of our side of the energy field we’re manifesting from.

We are powerful co-creators and mostly unaware of the gazillions of stories we tell ourselves and others that define our experience. Oracle Cards can splash some cold water on our faces to give us a wake-up call to the facts that we may yet have some unresolved wounds that need tending to as well as encourage us to keep going with the way we’re thinking and feeling.

The good news is that if you and I are willing to dig deep with compassion and curiosity it’s not such a ginormous task.

Most times when a reading appears difficult it’s just about going into the basements of our psyches and flipping a light on to illuminate the fact that there are no boogeymen at all, just a box of memories that needed dusting off. Maybe we just needed to be reminded that to love means to risk being vulnerable and flexible. Or maybe we find that there is just way too much similarity and we don’t want to repeat what we find.

Spirit has our back and when we get afraid we are having a bout of spiritual amnesia. Instead, breathe through the fear, trust that when you get a reading that causes you that big contraction of Oh Oh NO, it’s an invitation to discover some valuable treasure as you co-create the life you truly desire.

The future is created in the power of the 24 hours you are given today. Yes, it’s work to remain present and out of the Ghostlands of the past and the projection of the future. But when you remember that this moment now you are planting the seeds of your tomorrow, wouldn’t you want to get to work and dig up the weeds that got in your Field of Dreams?

In the end, all is perfect anyway!

The point is not to avoid life’s ups and downs and of course the experience of the unknown will cause us to be a bit nervous- sure!

But co-creation is our greatest adventure so wouldn’t it be awesome to be awake for it all, or at least for most of it, and have some say in what we plant in our Field of Dreams?

Ok, now it’s your turn. Tell me how you are, how are you working with the cards and how have they helped you get to know yourself better?

Big love always now and forever!

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