It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Our Infinite Resilience

tornado-eye-picture-id917174148 Our Infinite Resilience

Standing still in the middle of a hurricane at first glance seems impossible, irrational and good luck. However if one knows where the sweet spot is, the eye of the storm, then it becomes the natural place to reside. This sweet spot is  a resilience point, the heart of being, the zero point of the Cosmos, the reality of our physicality and the infinity of creation. Opening up resiliency thus as a natural force inherent within every space, place and moment allows us to choose it freely rather than having to create something that is not present. 


The collective usually views resilience as an ability to bounce where? Can we ever go back? Do we need to again create resilience in our lives? Or is it an infinite ongoing energy of life itself? Is it that we only need to acknowledge and tune in to this ever vital force?

One point of reference is that our miraculous physicality, our body, is creating new cells, protons, photons, new organs, oscillating at near the speed of light in some cases. 100 trillion cells, approximately 100 trillion atoms to a cell all living in complete coherency and resiliency supporting us into our newest and greatest life expression! This all in  conversation with, communion with, the entire Cosmic Wave of Creation.  


 Our deep hearts are incredible amplifiers, resonators, gateways, wave creators and change agents of the Field (the Divine Matrix within and all around us). Here is where we may begin to consciously feel into the infinite resilience that is present. As we drop into our magnetic hearts even for 10 seconds, our awareness of the inherent coherency and resiliency is immediate and mind blowing. The Ancient ones believed that there is a "heart" in every cell , every singularity in everything, pulsing, undulating, oscillating together  in harmony  throughout the Universe. Thus when we go deeper into that cellular level of the "heart," we can experience, embody,  the infinity of our own ever present resiliency and the power of such even in the midst of a seeming chaotic world. And from here we live, envision and take each step forward. 


1-put your hand on your heart in the center of your chest

breathe in 5 seconds, out 5 seconds, continue this Heartwave naturally

2-deepen and expand feeling into the "cellular hearts"

3- sense the pulsations of resilience, coherency, creation


This living matrix  
pulsing in and out
shimmering undulation of frequencies
within Divine connectivity,
fractals of grace,
transmissions of life,
a sacred circuitry
from our heart
to the Earth heart
to the Infinite heart
back through again.
Language of the heart
the Ignition Point,
unceasing stream of light
the promise.

ResilienceWave to you all!

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