Pivoting out of the Personal and into the Universal


There are different aspects of the divine. There’s the manifest aspect, which is light, and it’s this reality. Everything in this manifest material world is the form of God. Once you begin to accept the form, you then access the formless nature of God, which is the void and it’s pure potential, pure space. 

In India, these two manifest forms of guides are categorized as Shiva and Shakti Shiva. The alpha, the masculine, is the formless Shakti. The creator. The omega is the form. When you have both together, you have the infinite. Everything outside of us, all of these deep esoteric truths and teachings, correspond to everything inside of us. 

Liberation is no longer offering any aspect of yourself. The more you are in a loving, inclusive relationship with yourself, the more the masculine and feminine aspects of who you are merge, and you become infinite.

When you are no longer denying any aspect of you, that is feminine, and you’re no longer denying any aspect of you, that’s masculine. And regardless of your gender, you have both. So as we evolve, we begin to end separation inside of us, and we end the experience of separation outside of us. And, we begin to realize what every great being before us has realized, that our form, the manifestation of God, is merely the excuse to which the formless is making itself known in this world. 

Your life, your story, your circumstance, your emotions, your thoughts, your body, all of these things are vessels and vehicles through which the formless power of the divine is being expressed in this world. And that’s it. Once you have that realization, there’s no more suffering because you then also realize that there’s nothing that needs to happen. 

Rest in the awareness of your breath for a living meditation. 

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