Plant the Seeds of Your Intention on the New Moon

crescent-moon-on-twilight-sky-picture-id154948874 Plant the Seeds of Your Intention on the New Moon

As we approach the new moon this week it’s an auspicious time to focus on setting new intentions. Ancient farmers, who followed the cycles of the moon, traditionally planted seeds in the earth during the new moon. The lunar gravity, which is strongest at the new moon, pulls water up through the soil which helps seeds swell with moisture and aids them in bursting open to germinate new life.

For us, when the moon is at its darkest and beginning a new cycle, its energy encourages us to align ourselves with new growth as well. It’s a time to go inward and contemplate what we will manifest in our lives. While the full moon is often celebrated as a time to circle and make use of its power, it is all about release and letting go of that which no longer serves us, while the new moon helps us begin something new and invites to co-create with fresh energy.

Aptly, in the 4-card Universal reading this week, the first card is Skuld, the Norse Goddess of the Future. Her name means “she who is becoming”. She is the youngest of the three Norns, or Fates, who weave each person’s destiny into the tapestry of time. She shapes the future. She comes to show us that we have a small moment in time this week where we get a glimpse into our future, to see what is possible for us. The Universe is sending signals, signs, and omens that remind us that all things are possible. These flashes of insight can become potent moments of inspiration for us.  


We can accept the invitation of the Goddess Skuld and open up to new potential for ourselves and harness the magical energy of the new moon to set the new intentions for the life we desire. To help you connect with the universal energy and set intentions for your highest good, I am sharing my Goddess Power New Moon Activation Spread.

This spread can be used during this new moon to invoke the magic of manifesting and help you focus on and refine your intentions.

So I invite you to use the energy of this new moon to take a journey into your own dreamland where you can discover the seeds of your most cherished desires and then plant your intentions into the world. Then, let your manifesting partner, the Universe, take over while you step back to allow your dreams to bloom into reality.  

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