It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Power of Faith


People often ask me about the power of faith. How can I have faith in the midst of such uncertainty?

I read a story recently which describes what human faith is. Human faith is when you go to someone that you don't know and you tell them about a problem that you have, and they write a prescription that you can't read, and you take it to a pharmacist whom you've never met, and they make a compound. They hand it to you and you put it in your body with all the trust in the world. Yes, human faith is a very interesting dynamic. The question is what do we put our faith in? And, don’t we owe it to ourselves to explore beyond human faith to work with spiritual faith using natural laws? 

Faith is often measured by what people have seen and experienced before. They create stories about the faith they had which didn’t work or give them results they were seeking. Such as, “Well, I tried working more hours than I got paid before, but I never got a raise.” “Or  the last time I was in a relationship it was a real disappointment.” “Well, it's really hard every time that I intend to do something better for myself, something bad happens.” “ I was successful once and I did not find joy so I don’t want that to happen again.” “ Every person I believe in let’s me down.” “ Each time I believe I have found love it plays hide and seek from me.” 

Many people measure their experience with faith based on what they do not want to see and unbeknownst to them, they are working with a law which creates what they do not want to see time and time again.  You can do all those things over and over and over again, and tell everybody how right you are and so it is. You will be right!  You are using a principle that we call law. About two years ago my mom relocated to St. Petersburg so we could be closer geographically and she was having some health challenges. 

She needed help and support, so initially she went into an assisted living facility, and that assisted living facility didn't measure up, not according to our spiritual faith, and we were having to assist them more than they were assisting my mom. You know what I mean? The way elderly are treated in this society is appalling yet that’s a different article for another time. 

It was just unnerving and we were constantly concerned about her being given the wrong medication and all this stuff, so one night, some friends who were prayer partners were gathered at the home, and I was telling them that we needed to make a new decision. I needed to change my thinking, open my heart and make a new decision about my mom.  My friend pulls out her smartphone and Googled apartments. My friend says there is an apartment on this same block across the water. My mom now lives right across from the water almost in my backyard. There was a building with five apartments that I didn't even know was there. She lives 527 steps from my home and she lives independently. 

We are the ones that needed assistance with the way we were using our faith. We are all designed to live independently within our ability to create. 

What are you longing to create in your own life and where are you putting your faith? Are you giving energy to what you see or what you have never seen? Open up to what you have never seen so the mystery of life may find you.

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