It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Purpose of Political Turmoil: Your Time to Lead with Love

loveprotestsign Purpose of Political Turmoil: Your Time to Lead with Love

When it comes to the often polarizing political and cultural turmoil taking place around the world on a daily basis, there’s one thing on which we can all agree: the constant upheaval and stress can cause our heads to spin, our blood pressure to rise, and leave us fearing for the future. This constant stir and stress, however, can also be our greatest gift.

Turmoil, of any kind, is medicine for the tribe and our own spiritual and personal evolution.

Friction as Fuel for Growth
Right now, we are up against a maturing of our own spiritual awareness. Every person, as well as every country, has to go through this maturing process that comes from friction in the external world. Our time is now.
When high frequency energy meets low frequency energy, friction occurs. In our lives, that translates to spirit energy meeting up with physical matter. Inside the human experience, friction looks like not getting along, not being able to speak the truth or any kind of conflict or turmoil. It is through friction here in the third dimension, whether it be political or domestic, that we learn who we are and can awaken to our deepest truth.

In The Energy Codes® coursework, I teach that we are here to learn to master our internal world, regardless of our external circumstances. When our external circumstances go crazy, it’s perfect fuel for the fire and what we’re attempting to do for our purpose for being on Earth itself. When friction happens, it’s our job to build the circuitry to know our deep truth, to know what matters most, and to stay the course no matter what’s happening in our external environment.
Therefore, it is our task to honor anyone and anything each time it causes a state of friction inside of us.

If a situation gets a rumble inside of you; it’s medicine for you. It’s a call for you to celebrate who you know you are, and the truth you have within you. Any time someone does something or says something that is upsetting to you, it’s an invitation for you to recognize this deeper truth and to find a demonstrative way to bring forth and model what it means to be integrated, to be whole, to be kind, to be wholesome, to care about the planet, to care about each other, to care about our country, and to care about other countries, and to see all people as valuable, loving, and kind in a representation of the divine, because that’s the only thing that’s actually happening here is that the divine is expressing itself right out into the world.


Don’t Fight Back
Goodness, represented as light and love, is always spreading. Anytime light is going into density, friction is going to occur. We can’t avoid friction, but we don’t have to get caught up in it. Instead, the invitation is to stay in your core, stay in your heart, breathe deeply and deepen your heart into your deep wisdom center. Allow your wisdom to be the only thing that rises up out of you.

If we act in retaliation and become conflicted, combative, or become destructive in some way, then we’re really not contributing to the unifying force that we would love to see on this planet.

What we’re doing instead is fighting back, which is not the invitation. The invitation is to be the unifying force you would love to see alive and well on the planet – to find a way for everyone to win.

If something is stirring you, it’s there to beg you to awaken to the creator that you are, rather than remaining the reactor that perhaps you’ve always been.

In every maturing process, we eventually have to outgrow the reality we were living in before. In order to do that, the main ingredient is going to be love, because love is the most binding and unifying presence on the planet.


How to Take a Stand in Love
If we are in disgust, or in gossip, frustration, or fear, we’re not in love and will continue to contribute to the need for such friction to persist on the planet.

Whatever is happening “out there,” we can’t take it personally, and yet we have to take action. We can’t get upset, and yet we have to speak our truth. How do we do all of that, because it seems conflicting in that very instruction. What we have to do is find a way to compassionately stand for what we know to be true. We can stand, and we can speak our truth, but we have to march for peace.

Mother Teresa, the Roman Catholic nun and missionary, would never march against war, but she did march for peace every day. She lived as though peace was the only thing that existed. She didn’t live her life from a place of relevance or relativity to what was going on in the outer world; she simply brought the love – to everyone. She brought the love to those in need and to those that didn’t even know they were in need.

Looking to Mother Teresa as an example, it’s our time to do the same. We’re here to bring the love and be the bringer of the unifying force. It’s our time to find a way to love into every situation and to find a better way to define who we are rather than fighting about it. It’s our time to embrace each other, to hear each other, and to hear where the other is coming from without having to defend our own position. When you know something is true, you don’t have to defend it, but you do have to stand for it, and you do have to speak into it.


Lead in Love
We, as every individual on this planet, are invited to step into our own leadership. In fact, that’s why we came – we’re here to reveal ourselves as the magnificent creators we are, nothing less. True leadership is based in wholeness. It’s about showing solutions, not stirring problems. It’s about demonstrating to all how to live in love.
You are made of ALL that is. There is nothing lacking. There is nothing missing, and there is nothing broken. Our society needs you to voice, and to demonstrate, and to walk as that, because when you do, you create a vibrational frequency in the entire bandwidth of humanity that calls forth more of the same. If we get angry, and frustrated, and fearful, we call forth more of that.

The choice is yours. It’s the same choice that’s always been present for all of humanity since the beginning of time. Thousands of years ago, we were working with kings, and pharaohs, and battles of all different sorts, but it was the same story. It was about someone being in charge, or someone who will lead.


It’s Your Time
When the going gets tough, the friction happens, and the news brings all kinds of eye-rolling, and disbelief or disturbance at what’s happening now – that’s your moment to lead. What will your choice be?

Will you drop inside and get creative about finding a way to bring people together? Will you bring forward the ideas that are within you, waiting for you to tap them? Or will you wait for someone else to do it?

The frustration you feel from all this friction and turmoil is actually the fact that you’re waiting.

We are not designed to wait. We’re designed to be a constant, continual, creative force on this planet. We are made of solution and when we’re not bringing the solution forward, we become attracted to the most dramatic and conflicted statements. We get entertained by something that feels even worse than we do currently.

The way to turn that around is to insist upon a beautiful feeling coming through you and out into the world. Build the circuits for your own mind to begin to trace, track, and express the deep wisdom and truth that is rising up from you every moment. If the mind is so busy and distracted by the battle it can’t even find that wisdom, then it’s hard to make much of a difference on the planet, right?

Instead, learn how to build the circuits to allow your mind to find your own true deep spirit, and your own true heart of hearts.

It’s the same deep cultivated wisdom our ancestors, and their ancestors, and their ancestors spent their lives trying to cultivate. We are sitting on the shoulders of giants. It’s our duty to honor that and to bring forth the unifying presence that we are made of and that we came here to reveal.

So next time you ask yourself, “What’s all this turmoil about?” the answer is it’s about waking you up. What’s all this friction about? It’s what you called forth so that you could have a bigger sense, a deeper sense, of the truth of who you are.

Growing through friction is part of the human design and what we came here for. It’s our time to stand up and be the unifying force on this planet and choose to lead in love.

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