It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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choosing-the-right-person-picture-id1063719382 When you are connected to your soul – you are linked to a higher power.

It’s hard to believe we’re now in our sixth month of quarantine life. Just the notion of this is getting us more antsy and anxious. The new school year has begun and our worries are compounding, whether it’s centered around the safety of our teachers and students heading back into the classrooms or how much longer we have to wait before some normalcy comes back into our lives.

But while your outside world is full of uncertainty, there is one resource you can always rely on, one constant force that will throw you a lifeline and keep you afloat during these chaotic times—your Soul!

Your soul is always connected to a Higher Source. (When I talk about “Source” I mean God, the Universe, or a Higher Consciousness – call it what you will.) This is the power that will move you beyond feeling trapped, constrained, unfulfilled or alone.

I know that many of you are concerned about what’s going on right now in the world and in your own life. Whatever it may be: fear, uncertainty, injustice, intolerance, financial worry, relationship troubles, or health concerns. Maybe you’re feeling like you don’t belong anywhere or you’re losing hope. Maybe you want some answers to the many questions filling your head: What can I do? Why am I here? How do I get out of this mess? It’s important at times like these to remain connected to your soul. When you are connected to your soul – you are linked to a higher power.

Your soul is the most powerful force in the Universe. It’s your inner GPS system that leads you to your true purpose. It’s the wisdom that guides you through life’s biggest challenges.

With everything that's going on right now, you’re probably feeling an empty space inside you, because you might be so focused on the physical world, which is understandable – but by doing so, you are pulling away or forgetting the powerful spiritual side of yourself – your soul. Sometimes to feel better, you try to fill up this space. Maybe you eat a few too many desserts or turn to alcohol to numb the pain. Maybe you bury yourself in work or become too dependent on someone else so they’ll carry your burden.

When you put your attention or awareness towards your soul and get reconnected again, the empty space won't feel so bleak. Instead, you’ll be overflowing with an abundance of love, hope, courage, confidence, guidance and spiritual solutions.

So how do you wake up your soul? By embarking on an incredible life-changing journey that will ultimately show you, as a soul, just how special and unique you truly are.

There are no limits or boundaries to where your soul can lead you in this lifetime. Come and connect and tap into its power and become all that you’re meant to me. Come and shine and be supported in my new spiritual community of like-minded people, a place where spiritual solutions can be found to help you both now and in the future in all areas of life.

JOHN'S MESSAGE                                                                           

I’d like to extend a personal invitation to you to join me in my latest project: My Soul Community. I’ve spent more than 20 years sharing my knowledge about how to tap into the soul and harness its power to create the life you’ve always wanted to live.

My guides keep nudging me with the message to 
“Stay connected, stay connected.” I hope you’ll join me and allow me to guide, assist, and show you every step of the way, how powerful it is to be connected to your soul as well as a supportive community! 

Live a Soul-filled life!

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