Seek to see the world through the eyes of God

Seek to see the world through the eyes of God Seek to see the world through the eyes of God

The world is made up of perceptions

It has been stated that the world is made up of perceptions. Perceptions, points of view, beliefs and opinions. In other words, we see the world as we consciously or unconsciously seek to see the world. For an individual who looks at the world as being a hostile and unfriendly place – they will come to see the world as just that. For another individual who looks for Love, joy, generosity, abundance and wholeness in the world – that is the world they will come to see. As an awakening individual we want seek to see the world through the eyes of God. We want to activate our Right seeing – which is seeing beyond circumstances, appearances and effects.

There is nothing but Divine order in all of the cosmos. This means that nothing just happens but everything happens just. Whatever it is we are seeking to find, is what we will find. Whatever it is we are looking for, we will see. Regardless of whether we are looking consciously or unconsciously.

The world is made up by our chronic perceptions, beliefs and conversations.

Another way of describing this is to say that whatever stories we hold on to will manifest themselves. Whatever is active and alive within us, will ultimately manifest itself in the external world. And so, whatever perceptions or beliefs we hold as true will become our life experience. These opinions, perceptions, beliefs and points of view is what make up of our inner reality.

Oftentimes these opinions and stories have nothing to do with that which is True and Real which is found beyond circumstances. They are made up, distorted and illusory fantasies that arise from the ego's perception; I am not enough and there is not enough. And so they all come back to the same basic fundamental; that the world is a dangerous place where we need to fight and compete for that which is rightfully ours.

This of course has nothing to do with the Truth. But the thing is that most people rarely have an encounter with that which is True and Real. The only thing they ever encounter are their thoughts about what is real. Which as stated above, oftentimes is far from that which is truly is Real.

Nothing comes into our experience uninvited

The sacred laws governing our universe state that nothing ever comes into our experience uninvited. It is either called forth because we want it or because we don't want it. That is really the only thing the sacred laws respect – where we place our attention.

And as most individuals choose; consciously or unconsciously, to place their attention upon what they don't want. Upon that which is seemingly negative and bad. Upon and not beyond circumstances, they use the laws not to their advantage but to their disadvantage.

They are stuck at the surface level seeing the world through the myopic eyes of the ego. Rather than through the infinite eyes of God. They see only the appearance of things. And they live their lives as though that appearance is that which is True and Real.

In other words, as they keep their attention, not beyond circumstances, but at the level of circumstances – the sacred laws cannot help but keep calling forth more and more experiences in alignment with what these individuals are already perceiving.

And so on and on it goes. In an endless spiral until an individual awakens enough to begin to choose their own experiences rather than allowing the world and whatever is thrown at them determine what they experience.

As we move along the path of awakening, coming into forever greater and deeper realizations of who and what God is. Coming to realize that God is not a person but a loving presence. Forever fully present, never in absence. That there is no spot where God is not.

Realizing that God is forever for us, never against us. And that as God is everywhere it means that everything ultimately is working for our good. As this begins to be at the center of our awareness, we begin to activate our right seeing. We begin to see beyond circumstances, beyond the surface appearance of things. And we begin to see the world increasingly through the eyes of God.

If you could only see the world through the eyes of God you would see nothing but beauty and Love

As we take deeper and deeper dives into that which is True and Real, activating our right seeing, seeing the world ever more clear through the eyes of God – a completely new world begins to emerge.

A world beyond appearances, and beyond circumstances. Beyond the perceptions, opinions, beliefs, points of view of the ego. Of our little selves.

What God sees

God, who is not an anthropomorphic entity, made in the image and likeness of humans, but a Loving presence, never in absence is not blinded by the illusion of lack and separation. But God sees only Love, beauty, harmony, the Divine order, perfect health, infinite possibilities, celebration and abundance.

God is never stuck at the surface level of effects and appearance but God's vantage point is so high on up that God sees beyond circumstances, beyond that which appears to be.

In other words, God sees only that which is. That which is True and Real.

As an awakening individual activating our right seeing, that is what we too gradually begins to see. More and more and more, moment by moment by moment.

All are called but few choose to answer

As we study the lives of Jesus, Buddha, Guanyin and other master teachers we always need to realize that they were no different from us. They too were humans, who began to awaken and who choose to see the world through the eyes of God. And they too had their challenges, their demons to confront, to release and let go of.

In other words, all are called – meaning that we all have been given everything we need to awaken. Nothing is ever missing us nor lacking us other than the realization and understanding that this is so.

Inherently the Light & Love of God dwells within us all. There is no acquisition required for us to become an awakening individual. No prerequisites. All has been freely given to us. now it is up to us to choose it.

The thing though, is that the average individual (yet) does not have the courage to choose to consciously awaken. Even though there are no prerequisites to awakening, it requires the releasing and letting go of that which no longer serves us; small and limited perceptions, opinions, points of view, beliefs and perspectives. Those stories that we have bought in to, either told by others or told by ourselves.

It takes guts to choose this. It takes more courage than the average individual is able to muster. Because we need to do it, not only once, but over and over and over again.

It begins with our desire and intention

The good news is that it all begins from nothing. It all begins with that awakening moment. That first glimpse of the freedom that lie down the path of awakening. Those of us who are walking this path have all had it. That initial moment where the scales are temporarily wiped from our eyes. When we get to see the world through the eyes of God. The peace, the joy, the Love that flows through us in that moment. Beyond circumstances. Regardless of present conditions.

Perhaps it was enough with that first Satori moment, a moment of right seeing. Perhaps many more such moments were needed. Eventually though, for all who have chosen the path of awakening, they eventually came to a moment where they made the choice.

They began to awaken to their soul's desire to grow and unfold. To shine, to glow and blossom with all it's beauty and luminosity. Not according to worldly standards but according to Divine standards.

A burning desire began to emerge from within. Perhaps quietly at first, as a soft whisper or murmur. Barley perceivable. But at some point it began to grow louder and louder. Until the moment where we had no choice but to make the choice. To set our intention to consciously participate in the growth and unfolding of our soul.

Perhaps we did not describe it that way but ultimately that is the choice we made. We surrendered and said in substance: I will the will of God to be done in my life – come what may.

Seeing through the eyes of God is a moment to moment practice

As with all learning, repetition truly is the key to everything. And so, having made the choice, it not a one and done thing. But it is a choice we have to make in moment by moment by moment. Until the choice becomes a choiceless choice. Until there is no conscious effort involved in making the choice but we find ourselves having made the choice without really being aware of it.

Building spiritual muscles is a workout like no other. Because that is what it is all about, building new muscles. It is hard work, inner work of re-programming the mind to look for the good rather than the bad. To seek God's presence and beauty everywhere. Seek to see beyond circumstances and appearances. To not get caught up in small and limiting perceptions, beliefs and point of views.

We need to consciously bracket our fears, worries and doubts. Learn to trust God more than the ego, Love more than fear, abundance more than lack and scarcity. This is going beyond circumstances and situations. This is wiping our eyes clear from the filters that have been covering them up.

We need to release all thoughts as to what should and should not be that we may actually embrace and allow that which is to be as it is. That we may appreciate and give thanks for all the gifts, blessings and miracles that flow into our lives all of the time.

All of this, seeking to see the world through the eyes of God is a moment to moment practice.

The Truth will set you free

It has been said that the Truth shall set us free. This is, however not entirely true. Simply knowing about the Truth will not set us free, but we must hold the Truth in our hearts, that we not only know about it but Live by it. That is what sets us free.

And so, what is the Truth? The Truth is that God is forever for us, never against us. And as God is everywhere in all things, always in full never in part, it means that everything is working for our good – even when we at times may not have the eyes to see it.

The Truth is that in every single moment, all of our needs are met. That we always have more than we need (which is not the same as having all that we want), in order to keep growing and unfolding.

This is the truth. This is what God sees and knows. And this is what awakening is all about; becoming increasingly open and available to catch insights and revelations as to that which is True and Real.

It truly is such a Divine blessing to be an awakening individual

Being on this path, having taken an incarnation in this earth school – truly is such a blessing. It is a magical adventure, a ride through darkness and through Light. Moments of soaring high and other moments of crawling through the valleys.

But the thing is, as the world is made up of our perceptions, if we only choose it there is so much good to be grateful for in each and every single moment. That we are alive, that we are awake, that we have come this far, that we are on purpose, that we have a purpose.

So, so much good is present in our lives at all times. If only we choose to see it. If only we choose to see the Divine order of good, that is underneath all effects, all appearances.

For this we want to be grateful and appreciative as much as we can. There truly is an Art of Gratitude, which is to give thanks on a constant and regular basis – for all the gifts, blessings and miracles that are eternally flowing into our lives.

Seeing them, in the midst of everything that is going on in the world, is seeing the world through the eyes of God. This is why we have come. This is why we are here, not only to see through the eyes for ourselves but that we may touch and move others to begin to break free from the ego's stronghold, that they too may see the world through the eyes of God.

That ultimately we see God's beauty and presence everywhere, even in the midst of seeming chaos and calamity.

It truly is a blessing to be alive and awake.

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