It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll And … Shapeshifting With Plants

shaman Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll And … Shapeshifting With Plants

A Special Note from John Perkins

I just finished speaking at the Colours of Ostrava music festival in the Czech Republic, am now headed into the Amazon rain forest, and then in September to Omega in Upstate New York to facilitate an experiential workshop: “Soaring with the Jaguar: Shapeshifting with Plants into a Better World.”

Question: What do these three seemingly different venues share in common?

Answer: They empower us to raise our consciousness, to steer our space station Earth to the future we want. 

When I was a Peace Corps volunteer deep in the Amazon in the late 1960s, Ayahuasca saved my life – and forever changed it. Today, shamans, plants, musicians and speakers at many different forums inspire us to change our lives. A large part of the message involves honoring our connections with nature and to being good Earth stewards. 

Colours went far beyond the “sex, drugs, and rock and roll” of the Woodstock era. Yes, there were lovers and, yes, outstanding bands. But also, auditoriums where thought leaders from around the world inspired a new consciousness of what it means to be human on this fragile space station that is our home.

Latin American Indigenous shamans and their sacred plants teach us to “touch the jaguar,” to confront our fears and use that energy to fulfill our destinies, to manifest our “dreams.”

For me, all of this comes together in a weekend with the plants at Omega’s Center for Sustainable Living (OCSL). Participants (limited to 20) learn to shapeshift fears and negative thoughts into positive actions. Our gathering is in a special room inside the OCSL – a place where plants shapeshift “waste” water from the entire campus into potable water. Magic! And magic is what a small, intimate group of special people will share with each other. 

Glaciers melt, oceans rise, climate changes: Earth is sending us strong messages. The plants have stepped forward to guide us into hope. 

As I’ve written here many times, we are experiencing a shapeshift in consciousness, a global Consciousness Revolution. Like all revolutions, this one is being challenged; those in powerful positions fight to defend the status quo. Like revolutionaries before us, we gather strength from the knowledge that the defenders of the status quo are striking back because they know that we are winning. And the plants – all of Pachamama, the Earth – is on our side!

What a thrilling time to be alive!

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