It's easy to forget that we are all perfect in our own design. Sometimes we muck it up with habits and choices that do not serve us. 

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Sometimes It's About The Questions, Not The Answers!

empty-swing-at-the-park-picture-id1213877125 Sometimes It's About The Questions, Not The Answers!

It is so natural to want concrete answers in life. Back when I was making my living doing private readings, that’s what most people came to me for: Directions, guidance, and ANSWERS. “Will so-and-so ask me to marry him? How will this business deal work out? When is my kid/mom/uncle/partner ever gonna straighten out their life??, When is he coming back?”

Boy, do I understand. Especially with so much uncertainty these days, everyone wants to know: “When will coronavirus get under control? Should I quit my job? Is my relationship with so-and-so gonna last when we can’t see each other?”

As humans, we have a natural desire for certainty. But that desire often handcuffs us, keeping us locked into a single way of seeing the world. There is so much more that Spirit has in store for us, but we can’t see it because we are so tied to our reality. 

That’s why before we can talk about getting answers, we have to talk about asking the right questions. 

In my readings, I’m a stickler about this. Ask a weak question, and you’re gonna have a weak reading. That goes for Oracle Card readings, and that goes for life, too!

Right now, there are a lot of people going around mumbling, “Why me? Why me?” and “Things are so bad, what’s the next bad thing that’s gonna happen?” 

When you are asking those kinds of questions, guess what: You get what you ask for! If you’re asking “Why me,” your mind is gonna come up with 101 reasons how you screwed up, why your life sucks, and how it’s all your fault. If you ask, “What’s the next bad thing that’s going to happen,” you’re going to see your life through that lens. You’ll see how your tomato plants died, how your best friend forgot your birthday, how your boss at work spoke a little sharply during the last Zoom meeting. You go from zero to negative 100 in about 10 seconds flat because proof is all around you!

The crazy thing is, proof of the opposite is all around you, too. While some people are saying, “Why me?” others are asking, “How can I help? How can this work out for the highest good? How can I contribute?”

Now, I don’t want to be someone who is all kittens and rainbows and unicorn farts… I know that there is awful, horrible stuff going on. And I also know that what we concentrate on, grows. If we stay focused on the problem, all we see is the problem. If we focus on the solution and affirming that, we will discover solutions!  And, if we open up our perceptions, we can see so, so much more. Focusing only on what is wrong, limiting our questions to the negative, will not empower us or serve us. It will not help us see new ways of becoming. We’ll just be stuck in the same old patterns and the solutions may be harder to discover. 

To create differently, we have to think differently. And to think differently, we need to ask different questions. 

Let’s look at how this works in an Oracle Card reading. A lot of people start out asking yes or no questions, like, “Will I get the job,” or “Is he or she the one for me?” Those may seem like what you really want the answers to. 

Now, I get it. There’s lots of people that love to do yes or no questions. I do not. 

Here’s why: Your life doesn’t end the minute you achieve a goal or destination. It’s not made up of one decision, one experience, one fork in the road. It’s always fluid, always changing, ever-evolving. In fact, you are a story in motion. That’s why it’s essential that you open up your perspective to look beyond the current situation. Every experience, every outcome, every possibility can bring good.  

The simplest question for any reading is… “What do I most need to know about this situation for my highest good?” I love this as a question for life as well because it embraces the truth that there is so much beyond what you can potentially see or imagine. There are elements and facets that we cannot see or even conceive of. If we limit ourselves to just what we can sense right now, we are eliminating so much possibility. 

How would a yes or no ever answer that? It can’t! 

So instead, I would encourage you to ask more empowering questions, questions that allow for the unlimited nature of the Universe, that seek good for all. The Universe will conspire to take care of you for your highest good.  Avoid restricting and limiting the capacity, both of the Universe to speak to you… and the Oracle card deck to serve you. 

There is so much more for you, once you are open to it! Imagine waking up every day and asking Spirit, “What do I most need to know or experience today for the highest good of all?” How would that change the conversation going on in your mind, and the way you interpret what’s happening not TO you, but FOR you?!

The Universe is always working on your behalf. Allow it to do so by asking bigger questions that lead to what you want to experience and where you want to go.

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